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Coffee With Rhadi | Recruiting, HBCUs, PWIs…. Etc…

I want to talk about some of the things that have been going on right now in the competitive marketplace of the NCAA. I call it a competitive marketplace because the number one products are the students and student-athletes. Right now we have a situation where a young man by the name of travels Hunter, […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Are You Doing The Work Or The Labor?

Welcome to another edition of coffee with Rhadi. I’m at the dojo today getting ready to start practice and I want to run by a few things with you. Before I start practice today. So I was in practice yesterday, and I was having a conversation with some of my students about work and labor. […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Lessons From King Richard

I want to welcome you to another edition of coffee with Rhadi. hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and Thanksgiving break. I spent a great deal of time with my family, my kids, got some good workouts, and got some good devotional time in the morning on Sunday in the church, then in […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Bully Prevention Advice

In 2018, I had an opportunity to take the bullying prevention course, there’s an online course given by the Center for Disease Control. And I want to talk with you all about something that I talked to some of my parents and students about a couple of days ago inside of my dojo. And I […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Are We Raising And Developing Quitters?…

I don’t have a lot of time today because I got to get ready to get out of the office and get to Judo practice. But I need some help with this. I was at practice the other night and I was having a conversation with some potential students and a parent about sports. And […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Does Your Kid Act Like This?

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Coffee With Rhadi | Dream Pushers, Dream Chasers, Dream Catchers

I have the pleasure and privilege of coaching and teaching almost every day of the year with clients that I have an athletic space and health and wellness space. Most recently, I had the privilege of once again preparing some of my students and clients for the USJA, USJF United States Judo Association, and Judo […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Fullback Life Lessons From Howard University

I told you guys yesterday that I’m pinning a book right now and I’d like to get some of my thoughts out in some of my podcasts and some of my videos. I spoke with you yesterday about one of the lessons that I learned as a fullback in college and the relationship that most […]