I have the pleasure and privilege of coaching and teaching almost every day of the year with clients that I have an athletic space and health and wellness space. Most recently, I had the privilege of once again preparing some of my students and clients for the USJA, USJF United States Judo Association, and Judo Federation national championships. I’m in a coaching business, and I’m going to teach them business, which means I am more of a dream identifier. A dream pusher.

I like to push people and help people where they need to go. The thing about pushing people sometimes is that if I push you at a pace at which you’re not ready to move, then you end up falling. If I push you at a pace at which you’re already going that you go faster, and pushing somebody or pushing somebody to harm is often looked at as a problem for the person doing the pushing, and not looked at as problematic for the person who is being pushed. For the person who’s being pushed, if they are moving faster than my push is nothing more than a nudge for the person who is standing still, if I push them, then that push ends up knocking that person down. A lot of people look at the person who is doing the pushing and say that person is at fault for doing the pushing. When in fact, we the pusher and the pushy, or both responsible and accountable for the forward direction that occurs. If I push you and you’re not ready to move yet, then I push you and you fall. The distance at which you traveled when you fell is further than where you were before I pushed you. Or when you say yeah, but I got hurt. People get hurt along the way. So yeah, but I fell. I see people fall too. But you have you push me too. I may have pushed you too hard. The question is, sir, ma’am, are you going to get up? Or are you going to complain about the push? Secondly, if I’m pushing someone in there at a certain pace, that that pushes more of a nudge, and they get pushed along than that man, that person gets pushed along. And that person goes faster. That person has taken that push and they’ve gone further to where they can go. And they keep moving and keep moving on now. Did I help that person? I helped both people.

One got hurt. One got along. They say yeah, remember you shouldn’t push people hard. Yeah, I shouldn’t push the people hard, who don’t want to be pushed. However, both individuals are standing in the same place. I don’t know. If they shouldn’t be pushed. Here’s what I want to tell you. I have parents in my dojo. I have parents of clients that I have pushed. I have watched over the years I’ve been coaching. I had my first coaching job at the University of Maryland as a volunteer strength and conditioning coach in the year 2001.

I’ve been coaching for 20 years. I have coached on the university level, I’ve coached on the world-class level. I’ve been the head coach of the Bahamas Judo Federation. I coach on the grassroots level inside of my dojo since 2013. I’ve taught inside of the classroom, I did my student teaching, teaching algebra, and pre-algebra, seventh and eighth graders, I’ve taught at the university level kinesiology, Exercise Science, and nutrition. So when I have parents coming to my dojo, and they want to probably provide me some of the input for a child that had been parenting for seven years, about how they need to be coached.

I do listen. I listen and I discard. I listen and I digest. Sometimes I pretend to listen. Here’s what I know. Parents who parenting are good and I applaud them on their parenting. I even tell them as you are good parents, or you are a good parent, you are a great parent. I am not sure about your coaching skills. But I know your parenting skills are top-notch. I had one parent asked me. Do you think that that was the right way to handle that situation with my son? I said, Ma’am. No, I don’t think there was a right way to handle that situation with your son. I know, it was. The question is, are you able to piggyback off of what I’ve done, and reinforce it so that we get the right behavioral change so that we can get what we need out of your son!

Because the juice is inside of the fruit. If we don’t peel it, and if we don’t squeeze it, we can’t get the juice out. But if we hit it too hard, we bruise it and the fruit is no good. She said, Well, how do you know your bruising when you’re squeezing?

I said you know that because as you go through the process of cutting and squeezing the fruit, you will have bruised some. I said, and over the years I have bruised some, I said, but I’ve been doing it for 20 years, ma’am. I have bruised less than I bruise now, but some do get bruised because stuff happens when they take all that fruit to the store. The fruit that’s inside the store is the fruit that didn’t get bruised.

Some of them get bruised, it happens. No fruit wants to be the one that got bruised. Happens! When we cut some, we peel some, we squeeze some and then we get the juice out. In that process of getting the juice out, some get cut, some get a peel, some get bruised, but if we don’t do that, we get no juice at all. The thing about it is that everybody wants to go to the store and grab the carton of juice and pour it over some ice or pour it with something else. And they want to sit back and they want to sip that thing and they want to cross their feet and take a deep breath and enjoy the juice. But man, that process for you to get that juice you don’t want anything to know about. It’s like the people that the farms that say everybody wants to have some sausage, but nobody wants to know how it’s made.

That’s a fact.

So as a coach, as a person who is pushing dreams. Be very aware that you will hear a lot of negative comments about you trying to live vicariously through. Everybody needs to push, a 5,6,7-year-old needs help to make decisions. They don’t make their own decisions. We don’t pile up their plates with candy and ice cream and tell them to eat and you make your own decisions. We don’t do that, we give them what they need to be nourished to be fed, to move forward, or to grow big and strong and healthy. So that when they want to get to the point where they can start making their own decisions and they make them and we even provide them with an opportunity to make decisions when they’re not making them. So when they made the wrong decision we corrected and we let them know, Hey, I’m correcting this decision because you didn’t make the right one. So when you’re pushing. Understand that you’ll learn the timing of the push, you’ll learn how hard the push is. Now, am I an expert pusher now? Of course, I’m an expert pusher. Now I know that I push people who need to be pushed, I don’t push people who want to be pushed. When somebody is going fast. I can push them a little bit more.

Be still and know, put yourself in a position of knowing. Who can help you identify the dreams so that when the dream is identified, then the resources will come? I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me see all these things all lined up already. Whether you believe you don’t believe it’s not my deal. what I’m telling you is that the things that are in the universe and the principles are there for everybody to excel and to live a life that is exceedingly abundantly here’s what I’m telling you. There is time to be quiet. To identify the dream once the dream was identified, so move in the appropriate directions, begin to dream chase the dream pushers, they will manifest them they will find that this and they will find you because as you’re moving in the right direction they want to help. It will still require some investment from you at times. As you’re chasing.

Get the right push from the right people and start catching your dreams. And this is Dr. Ferguson. Remember I love you God loves you best. Take care. Have a fantastic Labor Day. If you have any questions before the drop. Feel free to drop a comment and feel free to hit me on a direct message if you need to. If you need me to drop something on coffee Roddy, take care to have a super fantastic month. I love you. God loves you best

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