In this edition of coffee with Radhi, I want to go over something that’s kind of neat and interesting. I’m in the process of pinning another book and I want to go with some lessons that I learned. The book is about the lessons I learned but I want to go on one of those lessons right now.

The interesting thing about playing American football and you play fullback is that most people that’ll start playing fullback. They weren’t recruited as fullbacks. Either you were a line-backer they got converted to fullback, or what’s going on Tina, Tina, I did hit you on the last message, sweetheart hit me in the DM and we will sit down and pray I know you asked me to pray for you if we can pray together. And yes, we can do that. And just DM me and send me your number. And we’ll find the time and we’ll get that together. All right. back on topic here.

The thing about playing American football when you play fullback is, that you didn’t play fullback in high school, you carry the ball in high school. They’re not recruiting fullbacks from high school and then making them fullbacks in college. More often than not, you will be a ball carrier. And then you carry the ball, you know all your life, Pop Warner high school, junior high school at the time when I was playing. And then he carried the ball in college freshman year, sophomore year after that. And I found myself playing fullback. And I had to learn that I was no longer going to be the centerpiece of the offense was what I was used to being as a tailback or running back. And I had to learn how to become a team player. And the tough part about that is you have to understand that if you don’t die, just fully digest your role. And I don’t mean to accept your role, I’m talking about digest meaning.

If I give you a plate of food, you can accept the food and not eat it. Because you need to accept your own, that’s different digest means you have to eat it. And then I’ll allow the nutrients from the stuff that has been given to you to power you and energize you, and take the things that you cannot use and discard them and take the things that you can use and allow those things to push you forward and moving forward. Because anytime you are in a position in life where you are changing positions, or changing roles, they’re going to be some things that you don’t like with that role, and you’re going to have to eat it. And another It doesn’t matter how bad that it tastes. There are some things in the dish that you’re eating, that you have been presented with that can truly help you and can truly nourish you and energize you to move forward. And then there are some things you’re going to get that you can use, do discard that those are the things you just discard. But if you do fully not accept but digest your role, it is impossible to become a team player. You have to learn how to become a team player, you have to learn how to reduce and remove your ego which was the toughest thing for me because I was like running back.

I’m used to getting up on Sunday morning and playing a game on Saturday. Looking at my name in the paper, seeing how many carriers I had how many runs ahead and how many touchdowns and I was ready to go I my nickname was freshman sensation when I was in college. By my junior year, I was a helper outer. I was a professional helper outer. I had not been a helper out I had asked my mom Hey, can I be mommy’s helper, I was not used to that particular role. I was not used to being reduced in that particular fashion. And, and in my mind in 1995 when I got that role, I thought it was I was being reduced. And I had to fully accept that one of the reasons why we weren’t as good as a team was because I didn’t fully accept and digest my role in 1995 but we didn’t win in 1996.

We won a black national champion the next year. I think we worked seven and five or something five and seven that was just something hard. There’s a lot of people who don’t freak out but I know for a fact that I did not accept but fully digest my role as a team player.

Learning how to play your part is important for the next part in life that you’re going to play. So a lot of people are playing their role right now. They don’t understand that they’re preparing for the next role. But for you to get the next role, you have to play this particular role as well as you can. And if you don’t play this role as well as you can, there won’t be the next role for you. Everybody gets caught up in thinking that what they’re doing right now is what they’re going to be doing later. Now, what you’re doing right now is what you need to do now. So, you can do something greater later. But there will be a there will not be a greater later if you don’t maximize what you’re doing right now. And I didn’t understand that in 1995. And I had to learn that particular lesson. And thank God, I learned it through this season in 1995. And in the summer, of 1996 I can fully accept my role as a fullback and my position and understanding that for this team to be great, I had to be as great as I needed to be in my role. And I didn’t have to accept my role. I had to digest it, I had to eat it.

Take the things that I needed to learn from it allows him to nourish me and the things that I did not need, discard them and then move forward. I hope that those of you who are listening today can analyze where you are currently in your life your here situation, where you are, and look and see where you’re there is what you want to go. And I hope that this can help you get from here to thereby adding just a little piece of wisdom inside of your day. Don’t accept your role at work. Don’t accept your role in marriage. Don’t accept your role on the team. digest it. Fully take it in, understand what you’re supposed to be doing, and know that what you’re doing right now is preparing you for greater later. This is Dr. Radhi Ferguson. have a super fantastic day. Remember that I love you, but God loves you best.

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