Welcome to another edition of coffee with Rhadi. I’m at the dojo today getting ready to start practice and I want to run by a few things with you. Before I start practice today. So I was in practice yesterday, and I was having a conversation with some of my students about work and labor. Some of you want to do the work, but you don’t want to do the labor. There’s a reason why I say we have a Department of Labor and another department of work.

The reason why we have a Department of Labor is that labor is different than work. Work is when you’re just doing something. Labor is when you’re doing something that’s hard and laborious, with the desire for some type of compensatory measurement, when you finish.

So here’s the thing, when you’re working, on your business or doing anything you do., Don’t just work. Do the labor. The reason why you want to do the labor is that when you do the labor, something is birthed afterward. Labor is long. The labor for the process of birth is long, painful, arduous, it’s laborious. But if you do the labor, then some that can be birthed afterward. When you do the labor, you’re not just doing mindless work.

I had to tell my students yesterday “you all don’t understand the difference between intensity and focus, you guys are used to going hard all the time. So When practices aren’t hard, but they’re technical. You have to be more focused. You have to pay attention to the details, you got to pay attention to twos and fuse. You got to understand that the blessing is in the details, not the devil.

So when you’re going about your day, when you’re doing things, do them with focus. Understand that it’s going to be hard to focus and the process is going to be laborious, but do the labor. Because after the labor is finished, the wonderful thing that you’ve been working on will be birthed.

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