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That’s It. I’m Done! Can’t Do It Anymore :-(

Well, I think I’m done. I hurt myself pretty good last night on the mat and I told myself a few years ago “One more injury and I’m done.” Well, last night was it. I suffered a high ankle sprain that hurts like sh*t!! And for those that know, a high ankle sprain takes a […]

Pssst…..It’s me Rhadi and I Need Your Help

Hey what’s going you? I am on day 4 of No Sugar and I’m really enjoying myself…..okay not really but if I tell myself that enough, I will believe it. LOL. Last night after judo and jiujitsu practice I was in my car driving home and came up with some ideas of some products that […]

I Have A Headache From On High! OMG

So, my head is thumping today. I’m on day 3 of no sugar. I’ve done a no sugar program before to lose weight but this time I’m doing it for a totally different reason. A few times a year I put in some very difficult practices and measures to keep myself sharp and disciplined.  And […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Redefining Who You Are.

Welcome to another edition of coffee with Rhadi, I want to talk to you about something that’s very important that I had to work on and deal with in the transition phase from becoming a world class professional athlete to retiring and then becoming who I am today. A lot of professional athletes, Olympians, people […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Are You Qualified? | Lane Violations

I’m a grassroots judo coach too, I also coach at the elite level, but I’m a grassroots judo couch too. Let me let me explain something to you. You’re running the 400 meters, and you and lane four. When you come around the corner, you can’t skip to lane six, because that’s a lane violation. […]

Coffee With Rhadi | The Best Communication Tip Ever | Bait The Hook

I’d like to talk to you about something important. I’d like to talk about what I learned from fishing and how it helped me win in life, relationships, and in business. Now, when we communicate, it is often about what we want to say. But if you take a step back and think about the […]