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Half-Way There with Rhadi

Boy does time fly! Ups, downs, challenges, victories, and getting kicked out!!!!!

I’ve never had a trainer/wellness professional that truly cares about his profession as well as the lives that he touches daily.  I signed up to join Rhadi’s team not knowing what to expect but I knew for sure that I could stand to lose a few pounds.  For the first month, I wanted to run 5-7 miles every other day, drink wine regularly, maintain a household with two small children and a husband and lastly listen to Rhadi.  By week 5, when I had to eat uncooked veggies every day, all day, — slowly but surely and I mean slowly he began to show me some things about me, such as, how I refuse to let go and let someone else drive.  I had to learn how to listen to what he said and trust the process and that he would not teach me anything wrong.

Then it happened!

The ultimate happened!

6 snicker bars later…I went up 2 pounds and with no way to get around it, I had to reach out and say help!

I felt bad about cheating therefore I was embarrassed and did not tell the truth.  Rhadi is very intuitive and knows the process of his craft so well that he knew that gaining two pounds just wasn’t random.  In turn, he said, “oh no! you have to own your actions and be truthful”,  he was no longer willing  to  play any more games with me.  So on Sunday afternoon, July 20, I got the Dear John text and the one that I deserved.  The text let me know that I would no longer be allowed to train under Rhadi.  It was almost like I lost and I didn’t even try.  So here I am out on my own, at that moment I realized how much I did hear Rhadi, his pep-talks, words of encouragement, cheers of support, and sounds of hard work trying to figure out a custom made plan just for me.  I felt so bad because he was working harder than me.

After proving myself and seeing my hard-work and compassion, Rhadi agreed to work with me again.  Now 15 pounds lighter, I owe it all to Rhadi.  He has made me realize that it’s nothing I cannot do and I am so blessed to know him and to be back on the team.

I am so excited to continue the rest of this life changing journey!

Latrill Bryant-Bass
Baltimore, MD

I have been a participant in two programs with Dr. Rhadi Ferguson.  Both times, I stated my personal goals and Dr Ferguson created a specialized program to help me meet my needs.  For the program I recently started (7 weeks ago), it came after a stressful cross-country move where my eating habits had taken a significant turn fo the worse.  I knew I was in trouble when my clothes no longer fit.  I reach out to Rhadi and he “yelled” at me for trashing his initial work with me, but right away created a specialize meal plan, exercise program and encouraged me to train for a 1/2 marathon. When I first started this program I had never run more than a 5k. Dr. Ferguson pushed me to believe but I could complete a half marathon  and also helped me affirm my journey with the recitation of a daily affirmation. He certainly takes care of my whole body and soul.

I have lost 18 lbs, currently have completed 10 miles (the longest I’ve ever run/walked) and am set to complete my 1/2 marathon this upcoming weekend. Dr. Ferg is firm, but fair.  He demands commitment and excellence.  With your commitment, he gives you 24 hour accessibility to him to ensure that you are maximizing your program.  He works through any challenges (traveling, business meetings, etc).  I completely trust his expertise and knowledge he brings, and he has never failed to deliver results.   Dr Ferg’s goal is health and wellness and teaching you how to change your lifestyle.  There are no gimmicks or fads, just true health and wellness coaching.  I’m lucky that he agreed to be my health and wellness coach.  I have brought no less than 5 others to him who’s lives he’s also transformed.

Alison Jones
Baltimore, MD

I don’t do testimonials but this time I will make an exception.

I am Kevin Jones, a 43 year old fun loving guy who treats his weight like a roller coaster.

For years I have been under the illusion that I can drop weight at any time so I would be a glutton when I felt like it and I would starve myself when it was time to lose weight.  The crazy part is I never thought about how the effects of rapid weight loss and the effects of excessive weight gain affected my mental health.

In 2012 when my brother died suddenly at 45 years of age it shattered my state of being and beliefs of immortality.  I went from never thinking of death to being consumed with it.  It affected my sleeping, eating habits and daily mental health.    6 months after his death I ended up in the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) because my body had enough.  It was responding as if I had a heart attack even though nothing was wrong with me.

For the next 18 months I battled with anxiety, the question of taking medication and simply,”A ton of sleepless nights.”    The final straw was accepting a position that required me to work 3rd shift. Along with all of my other issues, working nights did not help at all.  My weight went from 230 to 245 in 8 weeks.  My anxiety had flared up and I was not happy with my lifestyle.

I started the program with Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and up front he understood my history of weight loss and my ability to lose weight.  He also understood that I didn’t need the guidance of “how to lose the weight,” but that I needed the inspiration and motivation that his program and the team setting he provided.

I utilized some of the tips and strategies Rhadi gives our team and I focused on my goals that I set at the beginning of the program.

Over these last 7 to 8 weeks I have been fussed at and I have been reprimanded for my thought processes but I also have continuously been encouraged to just get it done.

I must say I have changed my eating habits completely.  Instead of starving myself I have removed the carbs and sugars significantly and have replaced them with lean meats and organic vegetables.  The biggest change has been my fitness.  While I have always been a runner I have never consistently trained and stuck to a serious workout schedule.  During the program I have maintained a 4-5 day a week workout program and have started to see my strength and stamina improve.

So here we are midway through the program and my weight has dropped to 219lbs and better yet my anxiety has been under control for the last 5 weeks.  In fact I am sleeping like a baby through the day (I work nights) and even able to switch back to sleeping at night on my days off.  I must say I am becoming a more focused and happier individual.

The best lesson learned during this program is, “…you don’t see 250lb 75 year olds regardless if they are muscular or obese.  You have to get in shape and stay in shape. You must improve your lifestyle in order to have a life….”

Thank Doc, you have literally helped me save my life.

Kevin Jones
Baltimore, MD


I initially decided to be coached by Dr. Ferguson because several
family members had gone through his program and had great results. I
am planning a huge destination wedding in October and all of those
same family members who utilized his expertise before are attending.
They decided to seek his assistance again because they had all gained
some of their weight back by not continuing to be health conscious.

Fast forward a bit: I am an athletically built 36 year old woman of a
17 year old and 13 year old twins. I play semi pro football and
recreational basketball. I started my program at 157 pounds and am 5
foot 5 inches tall. I was not satisfied with my body image while naked
but did not feel like I was “fat.” I knew that I ate way too much
(portions) but thought because I was so active, it would all balance
itself out.

We started our program on June 1, 2014. Dr. Ferguson asked if I had an
old picture of what I wanted to look like after the program and I gave
him a picture of a woman who I saw on social media. This woman was in
great shape and had a well-defined muscular build. She didn’t look too
masculine and was in incredible shape. Dr. Ferguson started the
program with teaching me the importance of meal preparation and that
has been the most valuable thing I have learned. The first week was
devoted to getting used to reporting what I ate in a food diary daily
and the next week was the start of my meal plan. I learned that
everything that I thought I knew about food was untrue. I learned that
most things I thought I knew about exercise was a myth. I worked in a
diabetes clinic so I did know a bit about sugar and carbs but I do not
have diabetes so I wasn’t clear on what any of that meant for me. Dr.
Ferguson was always available to teach and explain what I was doing
and why. He has been an exceptional coach!!!! Not only has he
addressed my fitness issues, he has been present to coach me on life.
He is very passionate about his craft and knows his stuff!!!!

As I am closing out my 9th week following Dr. Ferguson’s
ever-changing meal plans and exercise regime, I am ecstatic with my
progress thus far!!!! I am down to 140.0 pounds from 157 pounds. I
have gone from a size 8/10 to a size 4!!!!!! I went to my second
fitting for my wedding dress on July 12, 2014 (first fitting since
starting my program with Dr. Ferguson) and the seamstress had to take
6 inches off the sides of the gown. The dress is now a size 2!!!!!!!!!
I feel strong, I have more energy and more importantly, I am no longer
FAT!!!!! I never knew that I was fat before I started with Dr.
Ferguson but now that I am down 2-4 sizes, I don’t even know why or
HOW I got that big!!!! I am so thankful that I decided to take part in
this program. It has taught me so much about myself, fitness, food,
nutrients, and society.

Being an athlete, I have always been competitive but this program and
Dr. Ferguson’s coaching style has taught me how to be more coachable.
It has taught me the purpose of specific foods. It has taught me
patience. It has taught me that to achieve the results that I wanted,
I had to work harder than I have ever worked before but it has all
been worth it!!!!

Thank you Dr. Ferguson!!!! Not only are you #TheBestJudoCoach, you are
also #TheBestFitnessCoach!!! Looking forward to my “after” pictures!
I’m sure I’ll look waaaaaaay better than the woman I told you that I
wished to look like at the end of our journey!!!

Tiffany Fox
Baltimore, MD

When I started working with Dr. Ferguson I had hit a low point with my overall health; I was 34 pounds overweight and felt helpless. Over the last 10 years I struggled to stay in shape, I falsely believed I could eat anything I wanted as long as I exercised but it never worked.

Every time I noticed that my weight had exceeded 230 pounds, I would work out 2 times a day and starve myself until I was back down below 200 pounds. Then after 6 months I would be back to square 1. I did not understand what proper nutrition  was and what it meant to be healthy. Over the last 4 weeks Dr. Ferguson has helped me understand the importance of diet and how it is the foundation to a healthy life. With Dr. Ferguson’s coaching and program I have lost 16 pounds in three weeks just by adjusting my diet; no two a days and no starving myself. It is amazing what one can achieve with the proper knowledge and guidance. I look forward to continue my body transformation and lifestyle change with Dr. Ferguson.

I highly recommend his program to anyone who is serious about doing something good for themselves and is ready to take control of their health. This is the most comprehensive training program I have ever done and Ferg is the only trainer I have had that continually monitors my progress 24 hours a day. Dr. Ferguson is a true professional; do not pass up a chance to be trained by someone who has the work ethic of Olympian and the education to help you build a body to be proud of and others will envy!

Rey Castillo
Miami, FL

If you are in pursuit of excellence in life and business, look no further, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson IS IT! 

If you are in pursuit of excellence in life and business, look no further, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson IS IT! What I’m about to tell you could not have happened without the help from Mr. Rhadi Ferguson! I’m Coach Yari ( actually Rhadi gave me this name in 2006)  a world renowned expert in weight loss, motivational speaker, and  fitness personality,  appearing on numerous TV and Radio media such as an official Coach on MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat” , and expert guest CNNE,Azteca America, Univision, the Performance Nutrition Show, Fitness Rx Radio, Estrella TV, a contributor for Voxxi.com, and excitedly coaching thousands of people all over the world  to success through my online programs. 

God always sends the right people into your life; The right people to support you, the right people to love you, the right people to have fun with, and the right people that will challenge you and help you grow and expand.  Rhadi Ferguson  was that God sent man who showed up in his best light to push me BEYOND my limits and introduced me to the world of internet marketing- a world which I had ZERO knowledge of. Rhadi gave me wings to fly and I FLEW! Rhadi’s relentless and tireless drive, determination, and laser focused pursuit of excellence, and SICK work ethic took me right into the beginning of living my dream. No man I know till this day works the “GRIND” like he does. But I will say this, Be ready for the intensity, be ready for the work, be ready to absorb, receive what he’s got to offer, because HE IS a MASTERMIND! Having this man in your corner is so POWERFUL ! You will do yourself a favor to not commit the mistakes that most people do- which will cost you frustration and wasted hours, weeks and even years. Not to mention many thousands of dollars. Dr. Ferguson knows the ins and outs and I can assure you, if you are serious about becoming the BEST that you could be, then RHADI, PHD, OLYMPIAN, and a CHAMPION of Life will UNDOUBTEDLY get you to FLY!

I love you Rhadi and will always be in my stories I share with people about the man who taught me how to fly! 

Yarixa Ferrao aka "Coach Yari"

"Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is an Outstanding Business Coach!"

When my husband Mark and I first started dating a few years ago, he mentioned a name to me that I had never heard of before. Little did I know, at that time, that this name was a name that would be soon be engraved in my memory bank for the rest of my life.

My husband, who has studied Martial Arts for most of his life would sit down in front of our computer for hours watching endless instructional videos, youtube clips, articles, and coaching tips, just absorbing all of this cyber knowledge that at the time meant nothing to me. Well, it meant I sat back and waited for him to get off the dang computer!

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is the name, maybe you have heard of him before. You know, he’s a Judo Champ, he competed in the 2004 Olympics, he’s a Strength & Conditioning Coach to the greatest athletes, and a motivational speaker, the list goes on.

At first I wasn’t really into all the powerful knowledge that the Doc was sharing. But as I walked into the room every now and again and caught little tid bits of what my husband was listening to, I found Dr. Ferguson’s bits of info helpful in my everyday life. Little things that make you think twice about reality, family, business, relationships, working out, & staying organized. And BAM, there I was, at work, finding clips by Dr. Ferguson and watching them by myself or checking out what was new on his facebook page.

Now 3 years later, my husband Mark and I decided to "fulfill the dream" and open our own MMA & Brazilan Jiu Jitsu school in the Hamptons. We spent our savings, threw in some blood, sweat and tears, and started looking for ways to acquire more students and get our name out there. After spending thousand and thousands of dollars on marketing systems & business seminars traveling all over the states we weren’t going anywhere. We were leaving our 2 daughters home in NY while we sat for hours listening to marketing know it alls, taking pages and pages of notes. However by the time we got home, our heads were spinning and we never were taught how to apply all that we learned. We felt like we may as well just have flushed all that money down the toilet. Frustrated was not even the word to describe how we were feeling.

Then there it was…an offer from Dr. Ferguson himself welcoming frustrated business owners like us to take advantage of an up close and personal "seminar" sort of speak. But if we signed up we really had no idea what to expect, but we were willing to take one last shot.

Dr. Ferguson is a teacher. That’s what he does. As I said, I was not sure what to expect, and was bit nervous. To me he is a celebrity. The very first time I had the pleasure of meeting Rhadi was the morning after he fought on Showtime and won in January 2011. I must admit, I was slightly star struck. When we bumped into him at the coffee shop in our hotel, he was more than happy to give Mark a "Grip to Win" lesson.

My most recent experience with Dr. Rhadi Ferguson was a rather unique. Mark immediately signed up for Rhadi’s Marketing Seminar, as he promised to over deliver and pull back the curtain to reveal his own personal secrets to success in all aspects of business. At this point we had nothing left to lose. So this time we packed the whole family up and took off to Florida. On the first day of the seminar, Rhadi personally came over to our hotel to give Mark a ride to his home where the seminarwould be held.

To my surprise, even though I was strapped with both daughters, Dr. Ferguson invited both myself and the girls to his home to be a part of the seminar. Up close and personal to say the least….considering that we had so much going on, and the level of care our particular situation was going to need,  Rhadi arranged for this seminar to be 100% dedicated to our school alone. Without any knowledge, and just by one or two phone consultations, Dr. Ferguson understood our urgency.

Within the first 7 hours of coaching with Rhadi, our websites and social media networks were ranking #1 on google. And all of the resources he handed us within that one day did not cost a penny. He taught us break through methods to apply via internet that were all free. By the second day of our time with the Doc, my husband had booked 3 appointments with new students and our school began receiving such positive feedback that our local competition was obviously keeping tabs to see what we would be doing next. It felt great! I cannot describe the amount of confidence that overwhelmed me when I saw the smile on Mark’s face as he introduced me to our new way of Master Marketing!

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson had, at that very moment, made me a true believer in his marketing systems. Right at that place in time, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson made us a success story. And I smiled too. And I looked over and saw my two little girls sitting on his carpet, and I knew that he had just taken us out of a slump. But the work did not end there. It was time to kick it up a notch.  And boy did that work take us to the TOP notch.

Now normally, I was the type of person to check a few things off my daily list, feel like I had got something done,and be satisfied with that. Our visit with Rhadi taught me that there is no rest for the best! His honest energy was contagious and like the plague we were KILLING IT! The phones were ringing with appointments to be made, our blog spot was being filled of comments and support, the youtube videos that were posted had hit after hit.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is an Outstanding Business Coach! He was our absolute saving grace. He saved our business. I have watched a few silly reality shows on television where thriving business owners seek professional help to turn their business around and always thought, hey, we can turn our business around ourselves, we don’t need a guru. HA! Little did I know,  everyone needs a little coaching. Everyone who wants to keep up good internet presence but has no idea how, or those who just don’t know how VERY IMPORTANT internet presence is. Dr. Ferguson is the key to all marketing success within a business. Even if you have a successful business, learning his methods will only teach you how to make more money! And there is nothing wrong with that, is there?

By the end of our visit, the three of us were able joke about Dr. Ferguson’s ability to "Over Deliver" because after each new technique he gave us, there was another to follow that was even more impressive than the one before. On the car ride to the airport Mark sold and closed those 3 new students that showed interest on day one over the phone, and we were able to take their payment immediately so there was no missing out on that money. All resources that the Doc taught us over one weekend.

When I met Rhadi on Friday evening I was a frustrated wife and mother about to give up all hope and beg my husband to throw in the towel and go to work for someone else so there was a steady income for our home. When I walked away from my experience with Rhadi, I was a entrepreneur, a confident business woman, and internet marketer. Rhadi changed my life and gave me hope for the future. The money we invested in that life changing weekend with Rhadi we made back within days and now our business has systems that will never fail us. I am now a Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Success Story….So tell me, What are you waiting for? Let Dr. Ferguson turn your business around and you too can be a Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Success Story! Thanks Doc! You changed my world, my life and my way of thinking! I am forever grateful!!

– Ashly O’Shea

"All I can say man, I just got back from the most incredible seminar with the man, the myth, the legend, 4 time National Judo Champion, 2004 Olympian, BJJ Black Belt, Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter with an undefeated record, and my mentor, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson. Two words….ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

I am going to go out on a limb here and open up and reveal a little more about myself and my story. Like a lot of people growing up, I wanted to be #1. I remember watching the Karate Kid, and Bruce Lee movies and I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to be successful at everything I did. Seeing that I was born in Ireland and moved to the United States at a very young age, it was simple to see the ambition of the All American Dream that so many people in the states set out for. That mountain of gold…and I wanted it! I wanted to be and live the American Dream. No worries, success, wealth, believing and achieving! 

So there I was, a man with a plan & no direction. Go figure right? No longer a dreaming little kid, I found myself all grown up, bills, debt, wife, and 2 children and working a dead end job that was barely making what I needed to be a provider. Sleepless nights and days filled with anxiety over money issues. Watching every dollar spent. Living pillar to post. The stress was killing me and my family. 

I felt so far from reaching my dream of owning my own business and a successful one at that. I remember when the recession hit, and all sources of income where slim. My family and I were forced to move in with family to afford the cost of living. That year we could not even afford to provide our oldest daughter with a decent birthday celebration. One day she and I were at the store and she I noticed her admiring a popular video game that all the kids had in school. I asked her if she liked the game and she looked up at me and smiled and said, "sure dad, but it’s ok, I know we can’t afford it. It was pitiful and I was feeling low.

I decided to change my reality. There came a time when I sat down with my wife and we discussed taking all of our savings and invest in starting our own business. It seemed like the only way to turn our financial situation around. My passion and experience within the field of fitness and  Martial Arts was where we decided to invest our money. I came across a marketing system that promised to help me jump start my new personal fitness and martial arts studio, and I tried to stay at the top of my game by going to marketing seminars, buying marketing dvd’s on line, purchasing different phone scripts and sales pitches that guaranteed a successful business and financial freedom. After purchasing several boxed business plans, I still was not on my way to any sort of financial freedom. I felt we had all this business information, spent all of our time, more money we did not have and still no one knew we existed. On top of all of that, I had no one to tell me if what I was doing was right or wrong. After all I am a fitness instructor and martial arts coach not a marketing guru like the all of people I was investing my money & faith in. What I really needed was a mentor, or a coach of my own to guide me in the right direction. Someone to spoon feed me the basics of creating a successful foundation  where I could build my future upon. A house is only as strong as it’s foundation and at that time I was scrambling to hold the walls together.

For many years I had followed several popular athletes in my field on the internet, yet Dr. Rhadi Ferguson was one man who I always stood out to me because not only is he a phenomenal athlete, but a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur always providing priceless business information both on and off the mat.So when I saw that Rhadi was offering an exclusive & intense crash course seminar on how to create a successful MMA business while providing balance at home and dealing with the stresses of being an entrepreneur, I jumped at the chance to attend. It was another huge investment that my wife saw as an unnecessary expense being that we had spent so much money already on other systems that showed no results. On top of the fact that it was 1700 miles away from home in Florida. But I was determined to make this last ditch effort. So I am just about to buy myself a ticket to Florida and BAM, I injured my knee training and my truck craped out on me. Right back to square one. I wouldn’t be able to make it. I was devastated and about to lose all hope…I was literally thinking of throwing in the towel. Totally depressed, having trouble at home because there isnt enough steaks in the refrigerator etc… I had to get on the phone and cancel a huge opportunity.

Ring Ring Ring…..Hello, Dr Ferguson, its Mark O’Shea. I explained everything to the good doctor. Dr. Ferguson listened to my story. He took my individual situation and circumstances, evaluated them, assessed the problems, and blueprinted a strategic success model. Realizing the severity of my situation he  was kind enough & made a payment plan that made it affordable for me to work with him. I immediately felt like things were looking up. Everyone has a moment in their life where their every moment leading up to this one was just ordinary and that you have just reached a tipping point and that every moment after this one was going to be something EXTRAordinary. So many other people and business coaches  have you listen to only what they have to say. This was unique in that Rhadi actually listened to me. This different one on one approach could not fail. It made me feel good only after a few minutes on the phone with him, I went from feeling hopeless to feeling renewed. I could only imagine what the seminar would do.

First day of the seminar, Dr. Ferguson picked me up at the hotel and we went back to his home. We revamped some marketing models, beefed up my meager online presence and within a few hours I was ranked #1 through #5 in Google for my local area….out ranking every one of my competitors. I closed three new clients  and quickly made back the investment  for the seminar. It was amazing. Never before had that ever happened and that was just the beginning. This was no doubt some powerful information. I quickly realized that this was what separates the men from the boys. Total internet marketing domination. I fired my internet guy which saved me another couple of thousands of dollars, it was time to start fresh. This was the real deal.

By the third day I was dug in like an Alabama tick. No one was going to be able touch my online presence. The good Doctor taught me how to navigate through the ins and outs of the internet …I mean before this I could barely open my email. It was tough. But step by step, Rhadi showed extreme patience because when I tell you I am slow, it’s like cold molasses slow. Short story long, I walked away with more than what I could have ever expected. He welcomed my family into his home, he showed a huge amount of generosity & threw in several unexpected bonuses.  Dr. Rhadi was the solution to my struggle. He taught me life changing skills and gave me the motivation to excel and be successful.After all, it’s a new day, and internet has taken over the world. 97% if all business searches start online today, and thanks to Dr. Ferguson, I am at the top of my game with the strongest internet presence there is."

– Mark O’Shea

Dr. Ferguson has helped me become a better person through this journey which I thought was just about losing weight.

Six months ago I was 170 pounds. I was the heaviest I had ever been but I had attributed to having a baby, being a working woman, not enough time to work out etc. I had a desire to make some changes but not a desire strong enough to actually make the changes. I had started reading numerous blogs about Clean Eating, the working moms guide to working out, Detox diet, south beach, Atkins, Slim tea, slimming pills- you name it I had read about it. But then I realized that reading about something and not taking action was pointless. More importantly I knew I was too smart to be reading about quick fix weight loss programs. Fortunately, I had the esteemed pleasure of being great friends with strength and conditioning coach, Olympian, and scholar. Having a close friend who specialized in the thing I needed the most seems like a no brainer but for me it was not. I had associated “Ferg” with Judo, MMA, and simply all sorts of crazy barbaric sports and activities. Little did I realize that my friend had to know a little bit more than just knowing how to kick someone’s ass in various countries to be in the place that he is in. Per his suggestion, I stubbornly got involved in his coaching program. I say stubbornly because I didn’t know what to expect. I had envisioned him calling me at the crack of dawn to go sling some weights in a gym full of body building maniacs. To my surprise, we began the program with an intense look at my eating habits and he began to teach me slowly about what was really in the food I had been eating and making necessary dietary changes to achieve my desired results.

I began dropping weight rapidly and I had not lifted a single pound. As a person who loves to learn, I was also required to watch various documentaries about healthy lifestyles, farm to table eating and its benefits. Many people who think there are eating healthy are actually destroying their bodies because of a lack of knowledge….Six months later into the program and I am in the anatomical adaptation portion of the program which basically means getting right and getting it tight. For us ladies it simply means preparing to reveal the “new you”. Yes, my ultimate goal was to look great on my 40th birthday but more importantly I was working towards making lifelong changes to my health and wellness, I’m about 20 pounds lighter, my clothes and falling off of me and yes my arms are beginning to look great but my reward has been greater than the vanity aspect of it. My reward has been having someone help me become a better person in the process of losing weight. I’m learning to push past what is easy. I’ve learned that greater rewards require greater effort – period. I’ve learned that its okay to get help and that I don’t have to be super “Mom”. I know now that if you need help that you should get help. I no longer talk myself out of my own success. These are just some of the nuggets I have learned from Dr. Ferguson and currently live by.

There are numerous programs out there, some are good and some are not. What I can tell you is this, Coach Ferguson’s program will spill over into others aspects of your life. A commitment to wellness has an impact on anyone and everyone that you associate with. My coworkers watched me shed pounds and ridiculed me for counting calories and carbs, and protein intake and “packing those boring lunches in advance”. I was ridiculed for not ordering a 3,000 calorie lunch. I can deal with the ridicule because it has turned around to “exactly what did you do to lose weight”…”how did you get your blood pressure to go down” I am happy to share the info because wellness is a gift.

K. Wilson, PhD

My life is transforming right before my eyes, and it is because of God intervention, and Coach Ferguson’s obedience. I can better understand, “Coaching encompasses more than weight loss.” This is the greatest I have ever felt in my life, internally/mentally. I feel challenged, and I want to pursue greatness. Coach Rhadi ties in the whole aspect of one’s life into this experience… it is a holistic approach… your thought process, the words your speak, the foods you eat, the discipline [or lack their of], the preparation, the encouragement, the excuses, the relationships you have with others [and food—ha!]… it is your entire life being evaluated, elevated and pushed to the next level of this journey called ‘life.’

I always think about how blessed I am in this situation to receive life skills/coaching from a former Olympian, a professor, trainer, counselor, and life coach. He is passionate about seeing transformation, and his ‘coaching’ skills are impeccable. These are the two quotes I remember Dr. Ferguson initially saying to me: “The teacher only comes when the student is ready,” and “’Coaching’ encompasses more than just weight loss.” So in essence I was ready, and I needed more than to just lose physical weight. I needed to lose the things that were weighing me down from higher levels of excellence.

Azizi Coleman
North Carolina

I have learned so much about food, and the ‘relationship’ I had with food from Dr. Ferguson. I also learned that eating is just a manifestation of some other issues that I did not really want to address. I tried diets but dieting is not the answer. You have to create, as Dr. Ferguson says, “effectual change” and that doesn’t come from a diet that comes from understanding how to change and why it is important. Dying is something that we all will go through but taking years off of your life because of reckless behavior is not.

I am a single mother of four. And I can tell you right now that investing this this program was quite an undertaking but one that I am glad that I did. After our first appointment without meeting me, Dr. Ferguson told me that I was pre-diabetic, without even meeting me. He recommended that I go to my physician and get my blood work done and when it came back, I was pre-diabetic. When I heard it, I was scared and amazed. Then when I spoke to Dr. Ferguson and heard the cost of his program, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. LOL!

But he explained to me why I needed to invest in myself and that it wasn’t just for me but for my children. The question really was this, “How much is MY life worth to ME?”

During this process I have learned so much about relationships, myself, my decisions, my life and how I have put myself on the back burner for everyone else and thus did not take care of “me.” If I run the ship and if I am the one that makes sure that everything is in order, then I need to make sure that I am in order. And that is what Dr. Ferguson truly helped me figure out.

Dr. Rhadi is The Best at what he does. I can’t tell you how much my life has changed, if I tried to, I’d be here all day.

I was making green smoothies and banging my head against the wall with frustration until somebody contacted me through social media and told me that it was absolutely no way I was going to be successful because I was missing one piece. I didn’t know what that one piece was, but I asked God for help… prayed for it and I had waited in expectation of the thing and when the person contacted me and told me that what I need is coaching… I immediately accepted. Now it is difficult to put yourself in a position of listening and following as the head of household a single parent of 4 children.

And going through the long evenings of sufferings and having to be at the mast of the ship there runs which is called the Coleman house. But I do so with the understanding that leadership also requires discipleship…And knowing who to follow and when…And I made a quality decision in following Dr. Ferguson’s advice.

Dr. Rhadi is The Best at what he does. I can’t tell you how much my life has changed, if I tried to, I’d be here all day. But I do know this, I have done everything that I wanted to do in life. And when I wanted to find the means and resources to invest in his coaching program like I find them to go on vacation and to get my manicures and pedicures and hair done regularly — I did. Sometimes you just need a little bit of help to get your life back on track. Life itself sometimes derails you and stops you from operating in your God-given purpose and calling. I need to shift my thinking and I needed help in doing that.

I am usually careful when I say someone is ‘the best’ at their skill set because ‘the best’ is an elite group; however, I am confident when I use these two words to describe Dr. Ferguson. As a former Olympian, and a list of other titles he caries, I know I am blessed to having such ‘coaching’ in my life. Literally in the first 2 weeks, I begin to see my body transforming. In the first 4 weeks, I lost 20 pounds, and did no exercise. I am 42 days into the program, and with very minimal exercise discipline, I am currently training for a ½ marathon… (Only those who receive ‘coaching’ from Dr. Ferguson are able to do such radical things –ha!). Dr, Ferguson is a great person, and a phenomenal coach. BUT!!!! Don’t let the sweet words about him fool you. He is a no-excuse, no-nonsense having Coach… He does not play around when it’s training time…. And EVERY DAY is training time. He reminds me, we are training for your life.

Azizi Coleman – Morton
North Carolina