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I would like to speak about something that is very important. I get a lot of emails, Facebook comments, messages about how I’m able to do so much in a day.

I can tell you this right now. 365 days ago, I never imagined that I’d be in the position that I’m in right now. I communicate to over 100,000 people almost every day through videos, emails and blog posts. A few years ago, I never thought I’d be in a position that I’m in now in terms of speaking. I have spoken with the Stanford University, Cardinals before they played in the Orange Bowl, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to corporations, to schools, to high schools, to churches. I’ve been everywhere. I’ve never really believed that I would be in this position.

And I wasn’t in this position until I believed I could be in it.

And what I want to speak with you about today is about a mistake that I made a few years back.

Well, how many of you could say that, if you can go back in time, you can go back a year from now? Do you believe that you could accomplish more than you’ve accomplished in the last year? if so, you may raise your hand.

And I asked this because I want you to develop some type of personal accountability for your behavior in the past year. So, if you believe that you could have done more,

I know when I look back on it, I could have done a lot than what I did.

One single mistake that I made. I mentioned it often. In the year of 1998, I quit my job at Texas Instruments and I moved to the Olympic training. I went out on a limb I quit my job where I was making upwards of $70,000 to $85,000 a year depending on the bonus structure. And I quit. I ran through all of my savings while I was training at the Olympic Training Center in about 18 months. I moved to Colorado Springs, I tried to make the team in 2000.

When I left my job, I told myself,

I’m going to the Olympics. I’m going to the Olympics. I’m going to the Olympics. I’m going to the Olympics

and then the year of 2000. I went to the Olympics

The universe on my request lined its self-up and gave me exactly what I asked for.

I asked to go to the Olympics.

I went to the Olympics.

I never really thought about it until later, until I began reading certain books and I understand that the things you think about and the things that you request, those things actually come to pass.

I had to understand that life and death is in the power of the tongue

I made a way for myself to go to the Olympics

After the 2000 Olympics, I began to tell myself that I will make an Olympic team and in 2004, I made Olympic team. I had a knock down drag out match with the Olympic silver medalist. And I thought to myself after it was all over.

“I made the same mistake again”, I said, “I should have been asking to be an Olympic gold medalist, to be a world champion”.

But I never made that particular request.

Because at the time, I didn’t believe it.

And I wish I had somebody who could coach in the psychomotor domain during that particular period of time, so that my thought processes would match up with my behaviors. I didn’t have anybody to do that. My coach and I were just focused on performance. I needed someone specifically focused on how I think, and the messages that I give to myself.

So, someone asked me, how do I accomplish all the things that I accomplish its Because I watch my mouth.

Watch what you say about you.

Watch what you believe about you.

I’m not going to tell you about the things that I speak over my life and speak to myself. You know why? Because you will say that they’re arrogant, you don’t believe them. And that they sound ridiculous.

You need to have a ridiculous amount of faith over your life and what you believe. And you need to keep some things to yourself.

And the second thing is, “watch the people who are around you”.

“It’s great to have haters”, That’s a great colloquial thing that’s going out right now in the in the public and the media online.

It is better to have supporters.

When you get to a certain place, you’re going to have to leave a lot of people

If you look at it as a pyramid, the haters are going to be at the bottom, there’s going to be a lot of haters. There’s only going to be a few supporters at the top. You’re going to have to align yourself with those particular supporters. And even if you have haters, you’re going to have to start filtering the messages that you hear.

This is why there’s certain athletes and superstars who have someone take over their social media. You don’t need to hear those things when you are preparing for a big game, a big role or something fantastical, great.

You have to cut yourself off from the regular people when you’re getting ready to do something extraordinary.

You can’t speak to them. They’re not going to understand where you are. They’re not able to reason with what you think about what you want to do, you have to leave, you have to cut off communication from those individuals.

You can’t allow them to speak to you a certain way. And you can’t speak to yourself a certain way. So, you have to watch your mouth.

And you have to watch the mouths of those around you.

And the third thing of how you can accomplish some great things, or you can do more than you thought you were ever able to do is that your behavior has to be consistent with what you say. Your behavior has to be consistent with what you say.

First day, watch your mouth.

Second thing, second thing, watch the mouths of the people around you.

And the third thing is to make sure that your behavior is congruent with what you say.

This is Dr. Rhadi Ferguson.

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