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Coffee With Rhadi | The Secrets To High-Level Coaching And Obtaining The Right Results

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Coffee With Rhadi | Struggles And Blessing Part 2 | Donde Esta La Benedicion?

Welcome to another edition with coffee with Radhi. We were having a quality discussion here at Tampa Florida Judo. We talked about the struggle, and we talked about the La Benedicion Es En La Lucha. He asked me a very important question. He said, “La Benedicion Es En La Lucha.” which Means fight in itself […]

Coffee With Rhadi | The Real Trust Issue That We Have Is With Ourselves

This is a tough part in sport. The whole time when you’re competing, you’re getting messaging. You’re getting messaging from the other person saying, I can beat you nonverbal. And then you have messaging of your own. More often than not little kids, when they step on the mat, they start doubting themselves in the […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Struggles And Blessing | La Benedicion Es En La Lucha

Welcome to another edition of coffee with Rhadi. I had a great conversation this past week inside the dojo with one of my students from Puerto Rico. We were having a conversation about struggles, hard times and how we have to purposely manufacture some difficult times for our children, so that they can become who […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Don’t Allow Your Circumstances To Define You

This is a really, really cool time of the year for me. This is the season of the Olympics. This doesn’t happen all the time. It happens every four years. It’s a time of reflection for me to reflect on my career, my injuries, how much I travel, my friends and one of the highlights […]

NSFW | Coffee With Rhadi: Simone Biles And Other Things You Should Know

I will talk to you about something, I’ve had over 40 people in the last 18 hours, either text me or instant messaged me about the Simone Biles situation at the Olympic Games. I really had to break the thing down into three separate categories so that we don’t get this discussion conflated   That’s […]

NSFW Coffee With Rhadi | Sha’Carri Richardson, Bill Cosby and You

I have had a couple of requests and a couple of people jump into my inbox, to make a comment on the situation with Sha ‘Carri Richardson. So, here’s what happened.   So, Sha ‘Carri Richardson won the 100-meter dash at the Olympic Trials recently and that provides her with basically she’s an Olympian elect, […]

Coffee With Rhadi | How Do The Great Become Great

Olympic Trials is over and what we’ve seen at the trials has been truly amazing. We’ve seen a 13-year-old in swimming make the Olympic teams and a 17-year-old run some phenomenal times and the 200. I think a lot of individuals who haven’t studied how to acquire expertise, have some belief in the head that […]