I don’t have a lot of time today because I got to get ready to get out of the office and get to Judo practice. But I need some help with this. I was at practice the other night and I was having a conversation with some potential students and a parent about sports. And the kids play football. They told me that they played football at one of the best football schools in the area, the school that has a 15,20-year winning streak. But they quit. Why did they quit football? Parents said they quit football because the coach told me they weren’t gonna play.

I said, Okay, I see. So why did they quit football? He said, Well, there’s no reason. There’s no reason to put effort, there’s no reason to be on the team. If you’re not going to play. Ladies and gentlemen. I heard it yesterday. I do not understand why people quit. Because they’re not playing. Do you know how often I rode the pine? Listen, you might ride the pine. For people who don’t play sport riding the pie means you’re sitting on the bench. You might sit on the bench for two, three years. Just because you’re sitting on the bench, you quit the team?… You Have lost your mind.

If you’re a parent, and you let your kids quit the team because they’re not playing I’m not gonna call you no name. I’m gonna tell you that you need to rethink your position. You can’t just let your kids quit because they’re not playing. You’re on the team. If you don’t have people on the team, on the practice, squad, you don’t have a team!

Just because you’re not starting, or you’re not playing that you should quit? Well, how the hell are you going to get better? I watch kids in the dojo 7,8,9,10 years olds, they’re having an emotional breakdown. Because they can’t get old to guard right On the first time. These children think that could they think that they can come out here on day one and be like Michael Jordan. It doesn’t work like that. It is because they’re inundated with all your smart Oh, you’re great. Oh, you’re fast or you’re excellent. Instead of telling them to work hard. They end up having a fixed mindset and not a growth mindset.

They just believe that it’s supposed to be amazing on day one and if they’re not amazing, they quit. I have to get ready to get out of here cuz I gotta go but I’m somebody please explain to me This phenomenon is going on, where you just believe that things aren’t working out. Oh, Jesus, don’t let me present. if things aren’t working out well for you at the moment.

You’re weak. You have no staying power. But you got to ride the bench one year two years, maybe three. Barry Sanders in high school did not play until his senior year. Then got a scholarship in Oklahoma State. Sat the base behind Thurman Thomas and did not play. Sat on the bench and liked it. He sat on the bench The bench didn’t crack the starting lineup didn’t touch the field. But you might say on the bench there’s one wrestler who wanted the Olympics man Joe Williams, went to the Olympics in 2004 they used to call him Joe backman because he used to get beat all the time when he was younger. I don’t know what’s up with you parents, letting your children quit. But it’s like this. Once a task has begun, never leave it till it’s done. Do it well or not at all. Do not allow your kids to quit. If they start the season. You let them finish the season. When a season is finished. They don’t get to go back. But letting people stop and quit midstream and mid-season because they’re not happy with how things are going, you’re producing bad fruit. There is no quitting. You hang in there until the end. When the end comes, you can leave the cheese on the bread.

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