Well, I think I’m done. I hurt myself pretty good last night on the mat and I told myself a few years ago “One more injury and I’m done.” Well, last night was it. I suffered a high ankle sprain that hurts like sh*t!!

And for those that know, a high ankle sprain takes a LONG TIME TO HEAL.

It definitely isn’t fun but outside of gripping lightly with the kids and rolling very lightly to flow, I will not be going hard.


My body cannot take anymore. I had good run. At 47 years of age, the pain that I endure in the morning and throughout the day is enough for me to have a pain med addiction. But…. As I told my girlfriend this morning, “This is the life that I chose.” And quite honestly, feeling the pain, no matter how bad it is… is living.

The pain of defeat, the pain of loss, the pain of gain, the pain of disappointment are all privileges when you look at it because there are plenty of people who would give anything to trade places with you and many who would be happy to deal with some inconvenient pain to live another day.

So….. we live In gratitude and we are thankful for all things. And that’s where I am. I am thankful for all things. And I thank God for the opportunity to sit here and right this issuance to you.

Now…. On to what I promised today.

I told you all that I would pass on my son’s football videos from this season so here they are:

Many of you who have followed me online for years know that my son, Rufus, started training with me at the age of 4 and my daughter Rhadi started with me at the age of 3. Well, now Rufus is 16 and Rhadi is 12 and Rufus is taller than me and Rhadi is a couple inches away.

I enjoy watching them reap the fruits of their labor and it’s cool watching Rufus on the football field do his thing. And now I am in the weightroom in the morning with Lil Rhadi and it’s just me an her and she is complaining how Rufus used to complain and it’s funny to see. I told her the other day, “This is what you were begging for. You wanted time with Daddy all by yourself. Well, now you got it! LOL”


Yesterday I asked many of you for your help with something.


Here’s What I Wrote


……I AM NOT CHARGING ANYTHING FOR IT…. (in 2022). I will put a price tag on it later. But I’m going to provide it at no cost in the beginning because I believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

With that being said… here’s where I need your help?

  • What do you feel is stopping you from being successful in any one of these areas? *

Please reply to this email and let me know your answers to those questions. I am going to create some quality sh*t for you because I believe in us as a global community and I know that we can grow together, learn together and live together, if we learn how to LOVE TOGETHER.

End of quote


In closing….. I love you but God loves you best.

Love your friends and your family hard.
Love with intensity.
Repair any relationships that need to be repaired.
Mend the fences that need to be mended and ….

Take care and have a wonderful day,

Rhadi Ferguson
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P.P.P.S. Tomorrow I got a great story for you about my son Rufus and his football team. And I’m going to share some video of him with you too.