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Marvelous Monday // Recognize, Slow Down, & Be Aware Of The People Around You

Recognize, Slow Down, & Be Aware Of The People Around You THERE ARE THREE POINTS IN THIS MARVELOUS MONDAY VIDEO: Point 1: Recognize That You Have Blind Spots…. we all do. Point 2: Slow Down Before Changing Lanes….  the tendency is to go too fast. Point 3: Be Aware Of The Environment In Which You […]

Tatami Tuesday // As I Watched The Tears Flow….

On November 14th, 2014 I posted this article on the facebook page for Tampa Florida Judo.  One of my followers encouraged me to share it again. So I am. Please enjoy. As I Watched The Tears Flow (an open letter to Martial Arts Instructors and Parents) by Rhadi Ferguson, PhD In a world where entitlement […]

My Highly Regarded Reading List Revealed!!

My Highly Regarded Reading List Revealed!! In preparation for my 2 Day VIP Mastermind Seminar, I thought I’d release my coaching reading list. Read what the exemplars are reading. That is what I do and it’s what you should do to. =================== Meet Me In Tampa On December 2nd and 3rd =================== Come to Tampa […]

Did You Give Up On Me? :-(

Have you given up on the idea of you and I working together? If so, I understand. If not, then click here: As an athlete, would it be horrible if you life on the mat improved 10 fold? I mean really. Would it be bad if you won more, lost less and actually had a […]

Tatami Tuesday // Here’s How To Work 1-On-1 With Dr. Ferguson

Greetings: Welcome to another edition of #TatamiTuesday and I wanted to let you know that I have some exciting stuff for you in this week’s edition. During the last few weeks after sending out my survey I’ve had so many people begging me to please watch some of their videos and critique their game and […]