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How To Becoming A Better Salesperson Will Help You Become A Better Coach

One of my core competencies in the Judo world and in the coaching realm is my ability to control the match from the chair.  I, like many other great coaches, are able to control the flow and utilize the art and science of persuasion in the most subtlest of ways. Coaching is Selling – PERIOD! […]

The Olympics And The Struggle For Olympic Athletes And Olympic Hopefuls

The Struggle Is Real….. The Olympics are rolling around again and I have to admit that this time of year is very difficult for me.  And I’m sure it difficult for others too. So here’s what I have for today…… To all the Olympians and most specifically the US Olympians who will enter into the […]

What I See When I Watch The Olympic Trials

This message has been brought to you by “The Olympian’s Success Paradox” Just in case you did not know, here is why I find it so difficult to watch the Olympic Trials. Watch And Listen Very Carefully To The Video: I certainly hope that you will take the time to read the book, “The Olympian’s […]

The Olympian’s Success Paradox

It’s that time again…… Every four years, we all go through this again. It’s a feeling that creates a tightness in your chest, a sadness in your heart and a series of thoughts in your mind that literally just require you to sit down for awhile and find a quiet space and place to be […]

The Daily Battle With The Scale

The Daily Battle With The Scale by, Rhadi Ferguson, PhD Since I was in sports I have always been in the habit of checking the scale. Knowing where I was with respect to where I needed to be was important for my athletic pursuits as well as my life pursuits. We live in a day […]

If Superman Got In A Fight With Batman… Who Would Win?!?!

Subj: If Superman Got In A Fight With Batman… Who Would Win?!?! ============ Let’s Start Here ============ When I came back to judo in 1997 after graduating from Howard University, I was raw. Green. My judo looked a little bit goofy and I was somewhat nerdy as a recent mechanical engineering graduate. I was (as […]

My son Rufus and the knot in his shoe….

Subject: My son Rufus and the knot in his shoe…. This past weekend I went through the frustrating phenomenon that all parents go through. I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of trying to get a knot out of my son’s shoe. How he tied it in a knot in the first place?? – WHO […]