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Coffee With Rhadi | Friction Points In Intimate Relationships | Part 3

Let me let me start off by saying that we had the first two days of friction points, where we talked about what friction points are, how they happen, we talked about the difference between a friction point and a hurdle, a friction point and a wall and a friction point, basically a decision tree. […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Friction Points Part 2 | Friction Points In Friendships

I spoke yesterday about friction points, what friction points are and we discussed the switchOn coaching process. We discussed the difference between a friction point and a hurdle, a friction point in a wall and we discussed a friction point in just difficult times plus I also cautioned you about dealing with people who have […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Friction Points | Honoring The Tough Spots In Life

Today I want to talk about Friction Points. It is something we have in our processes in SwitchOn, the one thing about the friction point process is that a lot of people mistake a friction point for a hurdle, they mistake a friction point for a roadblock and in today’s cancel culture, they mistake a […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Just Look In The Lost And Found Box

I want to tell you a small story today. I remember when I was in sixth grade, Rubik’s cubes were really big at the time. Those multicolored cubes attracted a lot of young kids those days, You have to make all the colors match in a cube form. I lost my Rubik’s Cube, couldn’t find […]

Coffee With Rhadi | What You Can Learn From Batman

Today I’d like to talk to you about something that is important to me and It’s important in my life. If any of you know me, you know that I really love Superman. I grew up watching Superman. I grew up watching Christopher Reeves be Superman when I was young. My dad used to take […]

Coffee With Rhadi | How To Create The Change You Desire

Today I want to share something with you first and foremost that I had to go over with a client recently and the client asked me “well, What should I do about XY and Z” I don’t want to talk about it in particular and I told her what she needed to do, and she […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Why Sometimes It’s Just Better To Listen

  Let me tell you a story, my parents once gave me a directive, they told me not to bring the Rubik’s Cube to school and if I had obeyed those instructions, everything that happened after that may not have occurred and there’s something to be said about obedience and what I want to talk […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Stop Wasting Your Time

  Today I want to tell you something that is very important and I’m really energetic and enthusiastic about it. Because I think a lot of people are making an error, I think people are making an error, parents are making errors, families are making errors. The the race in life has damn near stopped, […]

Coffee With Rhadi | The Day Kenny Rogers Passed Away | The Gambler

Yesterday I was checking up the news in my office, the Covid 19 and how long it sits on brass and surfaces and airborne possibilities I ran past the notification that Kenny Rogers passed away. I’m not a really a big country music fan, but I used to really enjoy that song ‘The Gambler’ by […]

Coffee With Rhadi | The Dilemma of Righteousness and “Raggedness”

I got up this morning to move around with my cousins and we started talking about how everybody has a Ministry on the inside of them that just has to come out because you have something to give and whenever you’re sitting down with another person speaking, you are actually having church service because 2 […]