This is a really, really cool time of the year for me. This is the season of the Olympics. This doesn’t happen all the time. It happens every four years. It’s a time of reflection for me to reflect on my career, my injuries, how much I travel, my friends and one of the highlights of my life, which was competing at Olympic Games, walking around the track at opening ceremony, stepping on the mat in the Olympics and putting my best foot forward.


What I really want to talk to you about today is something that a lot of people never get to experience and more often than not, they do this because of fear. Most people never try as hard as they can and do everything in their power to be the best at something. Because they don’t want to find out that I could do my absolute best, and give everything I have and still not get what I want. That is a scary situation.

That’s why a lot of people after the Olympics go into this deep depression or have the Olympic blues, because it’s one of those situations where you can give everything that you have and do everything that you’re supposed to do, you can do everything and still lose. That thing that they told you in grade school, you find out it was a lie. You find out that what your elementary teacher told you what your parents told you is a lie. No, you cannot do anything that you put your mind to.


Most people never find that out because they never go to the extreme. When you do something that only point 0000001% of the population is done. You compete at the highest level, you find out that you can train as hard as you want to you can do everything right, you can put your mind to it. But you can still lose.


Now, what does that mean? What am I talking about today? Well, what I want to talk about today is that what’s yours is yours and what’s not yours is not yours. Meaning that what you’re supposed to have, you will have and what you’re not supposed to have, you won’t have but your job is to acquire the richest experience with the time that you put in.


Time plus experience equals wisdom and even biblically, it talks about get wisdom because it’s the principal thing, it’s the main thing that you have to get, but the scripture also says “In all thy getting get some understanding,” understanding that yes, I’ve done the best that I could do but how everything has turned out and my circumstances don’t determine who I am. See, your circumstance should not dictate your stance. Let’s look at the worst circumstance. ‘Circum’ means around and ‘stance’ is based upon positioning. People don’t understand when it when you look at your circumstances, you’re looking at everything that’s happening around you everything on the on the periphery, but when you look at your particular stance, just how you stand and your particular position. You can’t let everything that happened around you affect you.


You can’t dictate a referee’s decision. You can’t dictate a sprained ankle. You can’t dictate If you’re going to have a cold in the morning and you’re not going to feel well. Man, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t you can’t do anything about having a good draw or a bad there’s nothing you can do about that. Some people win, and some people lose. That’s just how it goes. Everybody does not leave the competition as a winner. There will be some winners and there will be a lot more people who lost that day.

Just when you lose, make sure you don’t lose the lesson because the losing is a circumstance but your particular stance, you have to leave as a winner. Because even though you lost the competition, you didn’t lose the lesson. So, what do we get from this particular talk?


1. Don’t be afraid to put everything on the line and accept the results.

2. Put everything in that you have because time + experience = Wisdom. The more you put in in the time, the more experiences that you have, and the wiser you will become.

3. Understand that wisdom is the principal thing. But “in all thy getting get understanding.” Get some understanding that your circumstances don’t change your personal stance and your personal stance cannot be changed if you are well rooted in the right thing. Those things that you read, those things you listen to, those things that you watch are going to route you in the right things.


Those things are important. Whatever you do throughout the day, protect your ear gate and protect your eye gate as much as possible. Make sure you’re focusing on the right things, make sure you’re listening to the right things, make sure you’re watching the correct things. Why? Because that is going to put you in the appropriate position in the appropriate stance so that your circumstances don’t affect your stance. And this is Dr. Ferguson man


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