Welcome to another edition with coffee with Radhi. We were having a quality discussion here at Tampa Florida Judo. We talked about the struggle, and we talked about the La Benedicion Es En La Lucha. He asked me a very important question. He said, “La Benedicion Es En La Lucha.” which Means fight in itself is the blessing or is the blessing inside of the fight? I said, it’s all three. The fight is the blessing.


The fight, the blessing is in the fight and then is what you said Manny, the blessing comes after the fight. I think what happens to a lot of us is that we have a difficult discussion on encounter with somebody. And then when it’s time to deal with it, we take our text off of read, so they don’t know that we read the message.

We never want to deal with the struggle in and of itself. Because we look at the struggle as being an aggravation, instead of looking at it as being an opportunity for reconciliation. The reconciliation of what occurs from the struggle in and of itself is the blessing of the fight.


See, when two champs fight each other when a WBA and WBC champ fights each other. They get to reconcile who the real champion is through the battle. Without the battle, we never have the reconciliation. We will always be wondering who was the better fighter mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali?


Could Ali be foreman when he was older? Could foreman actually be? We don’t know. Because some of those things were never reconciled. Some of those things don’t have a way of being reconciled.


There are some things in your life that have to be reconciled. There are some relationships that have to be reconciled. There’s some education that has to be reconciled, there’s some personal issues that you have to reconcile. But you don’t want to reconcile them because the struggle seems like it’s a bit too much.

But I need for you to remember that La Benedicion Es En La Lucha. If you remember those two things, that the blessing is the fight and that their blessing is in the fight. Then you understand clearly why when Jacob wrestled that angel in the Bible all night, after the angel dislocated his hip when he was winning, he said I’m not going to let you go until you bless me because he was not willing to let the fight in and of itself go until he got what he was supposed to get within his struggle.


Look forward to your struggles today. Look forward to the hurdles that you jump over there to make your spiritual leg strong. This is Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and have a super fantastic day.


Remember I love you, but God loves you best.


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