I’m on the road, right now traveling, I wanted to talk to you about a subject that is kind of in line with what I’m doing right now in terms of traveling, I want to talk to you about two positions that you’re in, in life.


One position is here and the other position is there.


A lot of individuals aren’t happy with their current HERE position with where they are financially, with where they are in their relationships, with where they are on their job or their health and they want to get to THERE but they haven’t clearly defined what that THERE is.


So, before you can go from HERE to THERE, you want to clearly define what your THERE is. Your THERE might be the white picket fence, the house with two or three kids and a dog or it might be graduating from medical school or law school or an undergraduate degree or finishing the trade, your there might be having 1 million or 100,000 or $50,000, in the ban. Whatever you there is you have to clearly identify you’re THERE.


And then once you identify your THERE, look at all of your assets and your liabilities in your current HERE situation. Because where you are right now you have some resources, you have some assets, and you have some things that are holding you back that are causing you to get stuck. So, when you make proper assessment of your HERE, and your THERE, then the space in between the HERE and that THERE. That is called the knowledge and the resource gap.


The knowledge in the resource gap that exists is one that has to be filled, If you’re going to go from you’re here to you’re there. Now, let me explain something to you. I’ve been when I was in college, at Howard university I was playing football. We had to do assessments every year. I sat down with Coach Wilson, the head coach at the time, right after the summer and he did an assessment about my play and my and my abilities as an athlete, when I got graded out, what he told me was, he said, Man, ferg, we can’t win with you.


He looked at my current HERE situation. He looked at all my assets and all my liabilities and let me know that what I wanted to do, which was to ‘play’ and what he wanted to do, which is wining a national championship was not going to happen with me in my current state. I was so confused at that particular time because I had never had anybody tell me all through high school, what my HERE situation was, and I never had anybody have any expectations of where my THERE should be.


That was the first time that I had that, I was super confused. I did not know how to get the things that I needed to get in order to make myself valuable to the team.


So, I had to go find some help. Somebody who’s been where I am going. So, I talked to my wrestling coach at the time and asked him exactly what I needed to do in order to get better as an athlete.



I talked to coach William p Moultrie at the time, I tracked coach who was an Olympic referee in 1996 and he had coached and mentored assistant coach on two Olympic teams.


They let me know that what was going to be required, was going to extend past just hard work. You also have to go to the human resources and find them so that you can get the coaching and the mentoring. Once you’ve gotten the coaching and the mentoring, then you need to do exactly what those individuals are telling you to do. So, you can plug in that knowledge and information gap.


if you’re THERE is the moon, you know, good and Well that in your current state. You can’t go to the moon because you don’t have the money that Bezos has or you don’t have the money that some of there millionaires have so you’re not going to the moon right now.


But if you’re not going to the moon, you need to look at the what’s the next step. How can I get off the ground and stay off the ground as long as possible? That might be the first step and you need to find someone who’s done that. who’s done that, man. Find a high jumper, find a pole vaulter, find Michael Jordan, hell find somebody who can help you get closer to your goal and take those baby steps.


So, you can put those baby steps together so that you can get to your THERE.


Everybody says, how do you finish a marathon?


You finish your marathon by doing just called left right repeat. You put one foot in front the other foot and you don’t stop!


How do you eat an elephant? You can eat an elephant one bite at a time and that’s the same way to you accomplish your goals. Assess your HERE situation, look and find out exactly what your there looks like and then fill in the gap from you’re here to there with human resources, coaching, and mentoring.


If you need some help, I can help you. A lot of people want to access that THERE.


I need you to go to www.letsgetonacall.com and let’s get on a call and let’s talk about your THERE situation. Let’s create a vision for your THERE. Let’s create a vision statement. After we create your vision. Let’s understand what your mission is in order to make it a reality and then let’s put the goals in place in order to make it happen.


I can tell you right now everything that exists currently right now in the visible realm, first existed in the invisible work realm as an idea.



If you can ideate a thing, if you can think of a thing. You can bring that thing to fruition with the right resources and the right work. All you have to do is find the right people at the right time and put them all in the right place.


This is Dr. Ferguson. please visit www.letsgetonacall.com and have a super fantastic day and remember, I love you but God loves you best.


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