Welcome to another edition of coffee with Rhadi. I had a great conversation this past week inside the dojo with one of my students from Puerto Rico. We were having a conversation about struggles, hard times and how we have to purposely manufacture some difficult times for our children, so that they can become who they are supposed to be. As most times inside my dojo after practice, we talk for a period of time and we jump into some real stuff. then we started talking about the story in the Bible where Jacob wrestled the angel.  There’s a situation in the Bible where Jacob was wrestling the angel, Jacob began to win. They were wrestling for a long period of time. The angel touched his hip and then put his hip out of socket but then Jacob kept wrestling, and the angel is like, “Man, you need to let me go.” but Jacob said, “I’m not going to let you go until you bless me.”

That is when my friend Emanuel said, ‘La Benedicion Es En La Lucha.’ Meaning the blessing is in the fight. I thought about how often we think of bad times and hard times as being a bad thing, not understanding that those times all the time that we really need to mine out what we’re supposed to get in terms of the development of our person and our character. Those are the times where we’re actually doing the character weightlifting, that’s going to allow us to be who we need to be.


Even biblically, it lets you know that when you’re weak, then you are strong. The reason being is because you cannot assess how strong you are without a fight. It’s absolutely impossible. If you do not have a struggle, you do not know exactly who you are, and what you’re made of. So, as you go through life today, keep in mind that when when the struggle happens, when things aren’t really, really comfortable, that those particular things are going to help you develop exactly who you’re supposed to be and look within those situations for the diamond in the rough. Look for the diamond in the rough. If you just think about how a pearl has made a pearl is made, because there’s sand inside of a horse that creates irritation, that creates something spectacular. The sand that comes in your life, the thing that comes to your life that’s irritating you over a long period of time, that’s closed up and encapsulated inside of your life that you just can’t get rid of.

That particular thing is helping you develop something marvellous. So, as you go through your day to day, as you go through life, just understand that as you are irritated, as you deal with the struggle. That those things are developing something absolutely marvellous and that marvellous thing is you.


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