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“The Olympian’s Success Paradox”

Just in case you did not know, here is why I find it so difficult to watch the Olympic Trials.

Watch And Listen Very Carefully To The Video:
Olympic Trials

I certainly hope that you will take the time to read the book, “The Olympian’s Success Paradox” in order to get a better understanding of the Games and the process of what the games does to and has on those who participate and those who do not. The participants, the families, the friends and the cities that host them…… And you can also support an Olympian as a bonus – ME.

I do recognize that I’m rambling some but during the Olympics I have to write as therapy and I figured why not share some of my ruminations and feelings during the Olympics. Olympic years are tough but they are also a time to reflect on one of the greatest accomplishments of my life as well as how my Olympic Dream, overnight, turned into a nightmare. Nobody enjoys losing. And at the Olympics…. many of us leave with a loss and we try our damnest to win the “next” fight in life and we chase challenges to find ways to make the pain of that “loss” go away but find out in the end, there’s no way to erase it. No matter how hard you try. 🙁

My heart goes out to my friend, fellow Howard University Hall of Fame alumni and world class track athlete, David Oliver, who will miss Rio 2016.

These are the unfortunate truths about the process.

Thanks for reading.

May God bless you.

Dedicated to your improvement,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
2004 Olympian
Author – Coach – Speaker – Teacher