I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a tremendous start.

I am starting a new series called #MarvelousMonday because so many people have learned to “hate” Mondays.

I’m not sure where we learned this but most of us have but the successful people, those who are motivated and can’t wait to get things done and look at everyday as a blessing… these people do NOT hate Mondays.

They love them.

I love Mondays too. As a matter of fact, I think that Monday is Marvelous and that’s what I want to kick off my #MarvelousMonday series.

So lets go.

The One Thing That You
Should Ask Successful
People Before You Leave
Their Presence

If you are around anyone that you really admire or someone that has inspired you or that you aspire to be like, you should ask this person, THIS QUESTION before you leave their presence (or at least one of these questions which fits under the same line of questioning).

This question is the thing that will allow you to speak with them later and to give yourself a thousand dollar seminar for a fraction of the cost.

The one question that you should ask is, ‘What book would you recommend that I read or what’s the most impactful book that you have recently finished?”

If it is someone in your peer group, you may ask, “What’s on the top of your reading list right now?”  But that line of questioning to someone who is not in your peer group may come off disrespectful so go with the former and not the latter.

But no matter what you do, make SURE you ask what that person is “eating” so that you can eat it too.

Pay Attention To Your

Your reading diet is a diet and… you need to “watch your diet.”

Many people do not pay attention to that which they are consuming or the lack thereof and they believe that they can get the bulk of their information from casual conversations, television, etc.,. And while some great information does come from those sources… there is absolutely no substitute for a quiet room and a book.

And I do love audiobooks because I can listen to material as I am traveling and driving. But….. let’s be clear… there is a percentage of my brain that is being utilized to navigate the road, the terrain, and to pay attention to my surroundings. So even though I am listening, it is not OPTIMAL. It is better than nothing but it is not optimal.

What I tell my clients and friends, who do not like to read or find reading challenging is to do the same thing that you did when you got your bicycle for the first time — put on training wheels.

“Reading Training Wheels”

Now this costs a little bit more but it’s a huge benefit for  you so just make the investment.  See, when you fall off of a bike, the feedback is immediate. The fear of falling, the pain, the scrapes, the bleeding, the embarrassment, etc.,., All of that is felt right away.  The feedback from not reading is not felt as immediate so you actually think that you are doing better than you are…. and you are not.

So what you should do is — put on some reading training wheels and here’s how.

The next time you invest in a book, also invest in the audiobook. And get some quiet time and play the audiobook while reading the book.  This will allow you to train yourself to read more and put you in a place and space where you can MAXIMIZE the amount of information that is in the text. I have done this on a few occasions and have even done it with my son, when it comes to difficult material that he would have a tough time digesting.

This is also a tool that you could and should use if you are having issues with reading.

CAUTION:  DO NOT ABANDON the exercise and just start listening to the audiobook!!!! That is a huge no-no and you will not reap the benefits from the exercise.  Now you may remove the training wheels and start reading, but you cannot ride on the training wheels alone, once you start this exercise.


Thank you so much for reading my first post of the #MarvelousMonday series and I hope you found it encouraging and I also encourage you to pick up my book which is available on Amazon, “Coffee With Rhadi.” 

And of course it is available on Kindle and Audible and in paperback as well. 🙂

Blessings from here to there,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson