Welcome to another edition of #TatamiTuesday and I wanted to let you know that I have some exciting stuff for you in this week’s edition.

Attend A Seminar With
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On Friday, at 9pm Eastern Standard Time I am holding a free teleseminar and you are invited.  The topic is:

What’s Working Now: 7 Ways To Throw More And Fall Less In Judo and BJJ…. Quick and Simple

On This Teleseminar here are just few of the strategies that I will reveal….

  • A 3-step plan to jump start your tachiwaza without doing one extra round of randori, an extra uchikomi or an extra gripping exercise
  • How to fight for medals when the rest fight for the ‘scraps’
  • How and why not adding this ‘extra step’ to your uchikomi is actually causing you to NOT be able to throw
  • The dirty truth about grip fighting and throwing (that nobody wants to admit)
  • The dangerous myths about grip fighting being pushed as “doing good judo”
  • The secret to why the same people and the same schools are in the finals and you are not
  • The blunt-truth about what it really takes to be good at judo
  • The ONE THING that is stops us from doing the new techniques that we’ve learned
  • How to get the information from the dojo into the shiai and make it click (the “practice secret” to creating the connection)

Here are the details:

  • The teleseminar will take place Friday October 20th at 9pm Eastern Standard Tiime. It will run between 45 and 60 minutes. The call is absolutely free-of-charge. Have fun on the call, take copious notes, and let me know what you think after it’s over.
  • There are only 100 lines available on the call and 19 (as of this announcement that I made) are already spoken for. If you register late, you will not be able to particpate. So make a decision to register today.
  • The teleseminar is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE, but you must leave your full contact information below to gain access.

 If you want to be a part of this teleseminar please click HERE!

Great Video For
The roughest thing that I have experienced in Judo and BJJ is the lack of quality educational services and outlets.  This is why I have committed to teaching and coaching in this space. On the judo side there is so much to handle and so many areas to cover that our governing bodies just cannot do it all. It’s not that they fall short, it just that the needs of the coaches, right now, supersede that ability to construct and disseminate information as rapidly as it needs to be pushed out. The IJF is concerned with professionalism and the control of it’s brand, which is understood. And the other governing bodies that we have in the United States really have not clearly defined who they serve and who they do not. And this is not a bad thing. This is why there is a huge gap in the market and opportunity for videos on facebook, on digital platforms, for sale, etc.,. (It’s one of the reasons why I always encourage coaches to please share some of their techniques online. So that we can all grow as a community.)
It’s just that when you get to the areas of real, deep, quality, coaching on a specific level, for Judoka and BJJers, it is tough to find that information. I do offer such training and I will do so again. But now I have the teleseminar that I mentioned and I would like to share this informative video with you that the International Judo Federation put out about coaching. It is very good and it is rich with information although it is short.

My Daughter Inspired
Me This Weekend

This weekend at a local judo tournament, my daughter was placed in a division with some older and much heavier boys. This isn’t a problem for me as she trains with people older than her often but not necessarily this much bigger than her.

I had the privilege of refereeing her match and because I was reffing, I could not talk to her before the match. I walked to the scorers table to get a blue belt to put around my daughter’s waist because she was on the “blue” side of the mat. While I was putting the belt on and taking hers off, she was looking at me and awaiting some information. I could see her looking at me while I was focusing on the belt.  After a few seconds, I guess she realized that I was wasn’t going to say anything. So then she whispered,  “I CAN DO THIS…. I CAN DO THIS.”  I finished tying the belt, with absolutely no expression. I put her belt on the scorers table and returned to the mat  and said, “Hajime!

My daughter took two steps forward, secured the sleeve, placed her hand on the lapel, and then proceeded to put the big fella down with a nice uchimata for wazari. She then finished with kesa gatame for the win.

She beat another young boy that was bigger than the first one too later on in the day, but I was able to coach her in that one.

At the end of the day, I asked Rhadi, “Were you nervous in that first match?”

She replied, “Yes, because you didn’t tell me what to do. So I just told myself, ‘you can do this’ and I did it.”

I was so touched and moved when she did it and won that I almost cried.  Not because she won but because she’s a young girl who understands personal empowerment and because her mother and I have made the right decision to put her in and keep her in judo.


When I started my career as a judo coach, I was a great polisher. This is not at all abnormal for a world class athlete with good communication skills and the desire to coach. It’s usual for them to be thrown into the top end of the developmental cycle to coach and not into the grassroots coaching realm. I was no different. I could take somebody who already had the raw materials in place, who already had some sort of development, and shine them up and polish them; help them become a champion, help them become an Olympian, help them win worlds, help them win national championships, and I was able to do this because I was a great polisher.

But, when I became a grassroots level coach and started coaching with the Bahamas Judo Federation in 2009, coaching inside schools, putting together school programs, putting together dojo programs around the country, and doing the same thing for myself in Tampa, I had to learn how to become a manufacturer – and more so when I had my son and my daughter. I had to learn about total athletic development with respect to human development and early childhood education. I had to learn how to develop someone from the initial stages of nothingness and help them become something.

Now, granted, these are all things I knew in theory. The hard part about the grassroots coaching process is that while we are so focused on the students we still need someone to focus on us, and that’s my reason for producing this book. I know that as you continue to pour out into your students every day, you still need someone to pour into you, someone to encourage you, someone to help you grow, and someone to push you forward to higher levels of excellence.  I hope you will allow me to pour into you and to continue to share with you. If you are looking to grow and to know more, be more and do more but understand that you just need a good push, the right words at the right time, or a small piece of knowledge that you may be missing, then do yourself a favor and get your hands on my book  The Ultimate Judo Success Secret today.

Thank you so much for reading and following. I hope that you got a lot from today’s issuance.

Blessings from here to there,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

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