My Highly Regarded Reading List Revealed!!

In preparation for my 2 Day VIP Mastermind Seminar, I thought I’d release my coaching reading list.

Read what the exemplars are reading. That is what I do and it’s what you should do to.

Meet Me In Tampa
On December 2nd and 3rd

Come to Tampa and let’s meet in my office and let’s start moving your Judo career in a different direction. 

Just some of the topics a Mastermind VIP day could include:

  • How to do the throws correctly.… (the science behind the repetitions)
  • The educative value, and the lack thereof, of play
  • How to get EXACTLY what you want out of your judo career
  • EXPOSURE to how I design my personal Blueprints, roadmaps, flowcharts and strategic framework for action per each level, each individual, each team, and each situation
  • Create a tactical and strategic roadmap for success
  • Re-tool your gripping game so that it fits with your throwing game
  • Gain a clear and newfound understanding of the gripping game
  • Create a newaza curriculum (how to put Kosen Judo into your judo program)
  • Build a robust and “resilient” skill set that will be effective as a base judo game regardless of the rule changes
  • The latest skills and cuting edge coaching and teaching strategies for coaches
  • Learn how to create traps on the mat through decision maps and decision gates
  • Get a full understandng of deliberate practice and deep practice and find out how you can implement it as an athlete, coach, and/or parent
  • Discover why you should neglect your tokui waza and where you should place the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus. (If you focus on these four things, you can ignore almost all the others and still increase your winning percentage)
  • Understand what functioning at the international level requires, implies and demands as an athlete, a coach, a supportive friend or a parent
  • Utilize the opportunity to tap into the mind of a world class coach and get your questions answered (this and this alone is worth the price of admission).
  • See how you can set up, revise and massage your current curriculum and schedule to satiate the needs of the grassroots and elite level competitors
  • Understand who to manage your household with an upcoming or current elite athlete in the environment
  • The impact on training with respect to personal and professional relationships
  • How to keep students involved on a long term basis
  • How to become a phenomenal newaza player in 6 months
  • Understanding how to outsource without reducing your position or insulting your coaches (Basically, how to use a collaborative approach)
  • How To build YOUR TEAM
  • Where the “money” is in judo
  • Understanding How to Break down interesting and technical details of high level matches
  • How to scout the competition and the applications and tools that you can use matside and at the tournament to make quick fixes in between matches
  • Learn how to dissect and breakdown matches
  • Build a technical development calendar
  • Discuss the importance of specialization at the right time and the wrong time
  • Lean the right sport specific movements games and drills that keep your players engaged and learning.
  • Improve your coaching technique as a coach

Take care and have a super fantastic day.