I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I had a great one. A tough one but a great one.

Every month my wife and I schedule “Mommy and Daddy Time.” And for those of you who are married, you do understand that this is not some swinging from the chandelier, no holds barred experience. It is during these meetings where we go over the NECESSARY house calendar.  And where we do the some of the foundational financial architecture for the house and the

future. It is here where we discuss and revisit issues. Where we refine them. Where we have “strong” discussions (I write that while smiling) about issues

and where we talk about the kids overall development.

rhadiferguson#mommyanddaddytime done. A great weekend with, #thebosslady my wife and best friend @ferguson_tracilynn Marriage takes a lot of work. And work means agendas and meetings. Do the work! And it is HARD WORK. But #TwoAreBetterThanOne #eccfourninetoten


We also talk about our personal needs and what we need collectively as a unit. The discussions are rough. Some things are resolved, some are not, and some

are constant works in progress.  But the bottom line is… you have to do the work.

Take Yourself and Your
Stuff In For An
“Oil And Filter Change

The same advice that I give people in judo, business, mma, and sport is the same one that I have to use in life.  More people take their care in for

maintenance than they do other things in life.  Your career needs maintenance. Your relationships need maintenance. Your health needs maintenance.

But when you look at it. More people spend time on their hair, nails, skin, vehicle and updating their phones and computers than they do their HEALTH and relationships.

You need someone to give you a check up from time to time in certain areas of your life and you need to do some self-care as well.

I have this one friend, who I love dearly. She is one of my biggest supporters and at times a WELCOMED pain in the *ss.  She provides me with some interobserver reliability and points out some things that I cannot see. I have another male friend who does the same. They check me. And I DO NOT LIKE BEING CHECKED. At all.  As a matter of fact, I detest it.  But, as an athlete and a coach, I am very aware that the key to losing is not making the necessary adjustments just because  you are currently successful.  Success bias is a KILLER!!!

So, even when things seem to be going okay, you STILL must put your life, health, career, relationships, finances, and hobbies through a personal audit. It’s important.

With that being said….. Tomorrow during #TatamiTuesday I am going to

provide an opportunity for 10 Judo and/or Brazilian Jiujitsu clients to work with me so that I can personally provide them with “audit” for their athletic or coaching career.  It will also be open for parents too, as they usually have many questions about the elite training and development process.

Today’s Message
Just Get It Done!

Well, that opening was a little bit longer than I planned for but sometimes you just have to allow your fingers to move as God intends for them and whatever comes out will be what is supposed to come out.

Possibly somebody needed to read what I wrote so… it has been written. 🙂

When it comes to coaching, many of my clients know that I am pretty demanding. And I have to be…. because if they realize it or not, they are demanding too.  They pay me and they DEMAND that I deliver results.  And if I don’t, I’m’ fired. And if I don’t deliver, I’m out of business. So, I deliver.

And I will not allow anything to stop me from being successful.

If I feel like I cannot be successful, I will fire myself or fire the client.

And Yes, I do fire clients.

If you want to get fired by me, all you have to do is continue to violate this one rule that I have.

It’s a rule that I stick by and it is a rule that I am a stickler about.

That rule is …….. “do not tell me that you are trying. Just get the SH*T DONE!!”

If you want to piss me off, tell me that you are trying. Or that you tried.  When I ask for something, I want it DONE. That means  you need to be doing it, in the process of starting to do it or on you way to finishing it.

Do not tell me how you are “trying.”

As my friend and client, who is also a coach, Marshall Thompson says,  “Trying Is Lying!!”  And when he says that, he means, when you tell yourself that you are “trying” you are actually lying to yourself. Because a REAL and TRUE effort would be supported with the statement of, “I’m going to get it done.”

And if you fail, then you fail. But you failed while ACTUALLY trying because your goal and your desire was to “get it done” not “try.”

As Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”


Thank you so much for reading this post of the #MarvelousMonday series and I hope you found it encouraging and I also encourage you to pick up my book which is available on Amazon, “Coffee With Rhadi.” 

And of course it is available on Kindle and Audible and in paperback as well. 🙂

Blessings from here to there,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

P.S. If you have not taken the time to donate to the Red Cross or the donation outlet of your choice, please do so. This hurricane season has damaged many areas from the southern part of the United States to the Caribbean and Mexico. I just ask that you make a small donation today.  Just because things are not front and center on the news does not mean that they are fixed.

P.P.S. If  you are interested in making huge gains in an area of your life, please take the time to visit Dr. Ferguson Coaching Program page.