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This weekend was ROUGH. Lots of planning. Lots of preparation. Lots of mat time. Lots of computer time. And little sleep! LOL

I’m planning for a seminar that I have in December for Judo and BJJ and it’s been awesome and tiring. But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Here’s what I would like to share with you…..

Some of the great sages of the world purport that we should judge men not by their answers but by the provocative questions that they ask.  And while this may have some truth to it, fact of the matter is that history heralds those who provide the answers.

At the 2ooo Olympics in the 100kg weight class. The question was, “Who’s going to win today?”  2000 Olympic Champion, Kosei Inoue answer that question.

The question was posed to Kobe Bryant, “Can you be the the greatest basketball player of your time?” Kobe answered through his action with a resounding, “Yes!

The question has been posed to you as to “what type of friend, parent, husband, father, mother or partner do you want to be?

And though question provide guiding lights toward the answers that we seek, ultimately it is the answers and the answers that we deliver which are most important.

The True Frustration

The true frustration in life is when you are presented with a problem and you know that you want and need to find the right answer but you don’t know how to solve the problem.

I cannot tell you how many clients that I have who have presented me with this issue.  The issue of….

I know where I want to be but I just don’t know how to get there.

The Playground Of
The Mind

The craziest place in the world is your mind. Inside of your mind you can imagine some of the most phenomenal things. In the mind we actually manufacture our reality.

Special 2 Day
Mastermind Event

If you are a parent, athlete or a coach that is looking
for some answers.
If you are trying to solve for “X”…..
If you know that there are some things that you cannot
figure out and that you need some help, then here I am
offering this to you:

“Announcing A Special Fall Two Day Mastermind
With Dr. Rhadi Ferguson In Tampa Florida”In every profession there are a select few who are designed, called and destined to reach the
top faster than anyone else.These are people who have a dream, desire and
a burning passion for success.
They believe in being persistently persistent and consistently consistent.Their time on the mat is an investment, not a hobby….. rather, something that propels them forward in life.
They have realized with their “real eyes” that they have a purpose on the earth and failing is not an option. For some it is to win. For others it is to teach.
And for others it is to support the dreams of others, which IS, their dream.See, it is my DREAM to support your dream.
It is actually what provides me joy in life.
I love seeing other people become successful.There’s nothing like watching and aiding a person to chase after a worthy goal through a worthy cause.

I never tire of seeing it and facilitating it. It’s akin to watching a baby take their first steps for the first time. You know there will be much falling, bruising, scrapes and cuts but that’s all part of the process.

And just as parents child proof a home to minimize severe injuries but not to prevent quality lessons, that is what a good coach does as well.  And in is
in these special and intense coaching groups and sessions where you can learn how to walk clearly toward your goal while minimizing the amount of times you “bump your head” along the way.

So, in this 2 Day Mastermind, that is what I am going to do. I’m going to take you by the hand and help guide your steps for a bit.  I’m going to help
you find the secrets for your success on and off the mat. I’m going to allow you to access areas that were not available  for you before.

And we will do it…. TOGETHER.

Now, I would love to have everybody BUT….. THIS is for that group of special people who are passion-filled, goal driven and hungry to fulfill their purpose.

This is for those who are committed to being persistently persistent and consistently consistent.

It’s also for only 5 people

Just 5.

That’s it.

If you believe you were created for more and would like to meet me at The Tampa CoWork Building in Tampa, FL for a VIP 2 Day Mastermind event,
please click here now.

My clients mean the world to me. Everyone around me knows that I love each and every one of my clients and that I coach and teach with love being the overarching principle.

You all mean so much to me. Please know, however, this is not for everyone…. but everyone is important to me personally.

If you believe 2 Days with me, lunch and an elegant dinner, is just what you need to really get the improvement that you are looking for in order to access your purpose at a higher level, here are all the details –> YES! I’M INTERESTED!


With much love.

Dedicated to Your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD