Have you given up on the idea of you and I working together?

If so, I understand.

If not, then click here:

As an athlete, would it be horrible if you life on the mat improved 10 fold?

I mean really. Would it be bad if you won more, lost less and actually had a clear strategic framework for action.

As a parent.. Is it horrible to fully understand the plan direction for your child’s training?

No, it is not. These are things that you should have. These are things that you should understand.

As a coach, is it unreasonable to expect high level coaching, teaching and educational advice backed up by years of experience, research and trial-and-error?

Of course not.

Then what’s holding you back from joining me
next month in Tampa, Florida?

Say it with me…. NOTHING.

There’s nothing holding you back because YOU
your athlete(s).

And guess what?

So do I.

So let’s work together –> 2 Days With Dr. Ferguson

Let’s Work Together!

Dedicated To Your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson

P.S. The early bird special is getting ready to expire.
Get locked in and if you need a longer payment plan
text me “Doc I need a longer payment plan” at 813-501-2827
and I will hit you back to make sure we can get you here.
I will do what I can to make sure you can get the information
that you so desperately need.