Yes!!!! I’m back in the lab and I”m cooking
up some good stuff for you!


The Olympics are magical and they have the
power to change lives. I’ve seen it!

And I know you’ve felt it.

I remember watching the Olympic Games
in 1996 at home and seeing Jimmy Pedro
win the Bronze Medal in the sport of Judo.

That actually changed my life and my
sporting pursuits.

Up to that time I wanted to play professional
football and my eyes were set on that goal.

Watching Jimmy win the bronze medal created
a new goal for me. I wanted to return to the
sport that I began in my youth and compete
at the Olympic Games and represent my country.

In order to do this there was so much
that I had to learn.

There was so much that I had to do.

I really didn’t know where to start.

And I’m sure many of you have that feeling
after watching the Olympics or the World
Championships in Judo or Brazilian Jiujitsu.

You just don’t know exactly where to start.

Do NOT Make This Mistake

Many people make the mistake of trying to
copy what they see at the elite level
and that is a great mistake. A huge one.

When you learned math you didn’t sit down
in a graduate level course of calculus did

Of course you didn’t.

You learned how to count and the value of
whole numbers, natural numbers, integers,
fractions, etc.,.

You learned at the beginning.

Well, to be completely honest with you, in
my business and in my line of work, I have
seen more people become frustrated and stuck,
NOT because they don’t work hard. And NOT because
they don’t have good coaches, but because they
just didn’t get the right foundations or they
weren’t paying attention because they thought
it was boring and unnecessary.

Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu are martial arts
which are very modular. Meaning, one thing
connects to another thing and your ability
or lack thereof to do one thing years down
the line is dependent on what you learned
in the beginning.

And just as cars are taken to mechanics to
get worked on and not back to the original

And just as students utilize tutors
and don’t go back to their 2nd grade math teacher.

This is just how you must go to a “tutor”
or “mechanic” to help you with some small
fixes in your development.

That’s just how and why people come to me. I’m
nothing more than a combat sports consultant.
I help people get where they are trying to
go. (and you’d be surprised how many people
come to me in confidence because they don’t
want their “coach” to be offended. It’s
a sad state of affairs but they don’t feel
comfortable with getting help. I’m happy to
say that the best coaches in the country
in BJJ or Judo have never been like this
and recommend me to their students all the

Give Me YOUR
And I Will Answer Them


After watching the Olympics, I’m sure there
are things that you want to add to your game.
Or there are some questions that you may have.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that
I’m going to answer all of them for free.
I am not. But, I am going back into the “lab”
and I’m getting ready to crank out some more
products and most of them are going to be in
the $7 range. (yes, you read that correctly…


Because I want to make sure that I can really
chisel down the topic and get into the nooks-and-crannies
of the REAL question. I don’t want to throw
a million things at you but a thousand things that
deal with your SPECIFIC issue and question so
that you can really get the answers that you are
looking for and so that I can help you.

I am recording with the SOLE PURPOSE of answering
your questions and making you better!

So, if you’d be so kind to answer this 1 Question
Survey, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to help you.

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Dedicated to Your Improvement,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
2004 Olympian
BJJ Black Belt