Subj: The Biggest Fight Of Our Lives

As a society we must fight every day. Every single day  we are in a fight. One of the biggest fights of our lives is the fight against Obesity.  Believe it or not, we are really going to suffer physically and financially if we do not get this under control.

And please understand that I am speaking to you but to you as a collective. You and I are in the same boat. I battle with obesity EVERY DAY. Hell, I am obese.

And you battle with it too, no matter if it is a personal battle, an internal battle or a battle with a loved one or
a friend.

Winning the fight is impossible with some key things which I have identified which I will share with you tomorrow.

I am telling you right now that I have really changed the way that I move, operate, coach, think and feel about
food since I have been severely enlightened about what works, not for me, but for everybody.

If you think that weight gain or weight loss is a physical thing, you are FOOLING YOURSELF. How you think, feel and speak to yourself about food is wayyyyyyy more important than exercise.  Exercise is great for the cardiovascular system. Your  discipline AND EDUCATION or lack thereof influences your weight.

Its Not Your Fault
but YOU are to blame

When it comes to weight, a lot of us scream PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

And I was right there screaming it the loudest until my friend Winston Williams opened up my eyes.

Say what you want, most people do not live by a Fresh Market or a Whole Foods.

Most people do not have the monies or funds to purchase the chicken breast instead of the chicken thighs.  Most people DO NOT know the difference in the nutrient content of the chicken breast and the chicken thigh.   Most people do not know what a calorie is, what a calorie does, why they should count them or at least be aware of them.

They do not know.

And we do not have an educational process in place for that because the best way to keep someone enslaved is to deny them the right and opportunity to educate themselves.  So while books are readily available, if you have created a non-reading culture and a culture of deniers of expertise then, there will always be that group of people that say, “I don’t like to read” or “I know that already.”

And the same goes with food. There will always be that group of people with no exercise science, physiology, chemistry, or science background that will say, “I know what works for my body” or “I know how my body works.”


IF YOU HAVE SAID OR USED THAT LINE, I WANT TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW THAT YOU ARE A DUMMY!!!! If you know your body so well, then lie down on the table the next time that you need to do surgery and do it on yourself. You CANNOT. And the reason why you cannot is because….. you KNOW your body to a point. And you are not aware of where that point is, when you no longer know.

And please don’t take that personal. Because the people who have spent their LIVES studying the body, don’t
take it personal when you say it.

I was just having a conversation with one of my friends that smokes marijuana and I asked him, “Are you familiar with the chemical processes that occur when you smoke marijuana?”

He replied, “No. What are they?”

I replied, “Hell, I don’t know!! i don’t smoke motherf——-!! But if I did, you can be damn sure that I would KNOW!!!”

With that being said, many people do not understand how the body works, how it functions and how it utilizes food (fuel).

This creates many problems for us as a society. See it doesn’t mean anything for us to put caloric content on the fast food that we buy because the concept of a calorie doesn’t mean much.

But if you said, “A Double Cheeseburger is 6.5 miles and fries are 2 miles.” Your grand total for the burger and fries are 8.5 miles.  That would most definitely change how some people order.

Now, if we said, “Those miles are DUE before you can have the food!”  That would cause or create a link to the TRUE cost of the food. Because many times the cheapest food is the most expensive!!


Tomorrow I will release a video for you that will undoubtedly help you.

I will give you the EXACT steps that I use free of charge. I will ask you to email me or contact me if you would like to be in the coaching program that I am going to open up for weight loss. If you think you can do it on your own and follow the steps, then be my guest. Some people will be able to do that and some won’t.  I’m telling you right now that even I need help.

As I said before, I will help you. The video tomorrow will be free.

I don’t have any salesy hype for you just quality education.

And, I’m telling you right now that I am going to give you the steps. And I’m telling you right now that I’m going to offer you a chance to work along with me if you’d like to. If you just FOLLOW the video you will be straight.

If you need my help, I will provide it. This will, of course we at a cost, but it will increase your success rate without a doubt.


Thank you so much for reading this post of the #MarvelousMonday series and I hope you found it encouraging and I also encourage you to pick up my book which is available on Amazon, “Coffee With Rhadi.” 

And of course it is available on Kindle and Audible and in paperback as well. 🙂

Blessings from here to there,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson