The Daily Battle With The Scale
by, Rhadi Ferguson, PhD

Since I was in sports I have always been in the habit of checking
the scale.

Knowing where I was with respect to where I needed to be was
important for my athletic pursuits as well as my life pursuits.

We live in a day and age now where the scale is demonized. I have
had clients who informed me that they do not like getting on the
scale everyday and that “the scale is not a measurement of how
healthy they are.”

To which I reply, “you are correct, but you still have daily
weigh-ins. The scale in your case is not for you but for me.”

Weighing in daily has less to do with weight and more to do with
personal accountability and responsibility. ‘Checking in’
allows you to ‘check yourself’ when you need to.

I had a former client that came to me yesterday and said, “I
need your help.”

I replied, “What’s wrong?”

She said, “Well I need to have surgery and the doctor said she
will not do it until I lose 25 pounds because it may compromise my

Well, I needn’t tell you that this client fired me, gave me her
butt to kiss and all but told me to eff off!!!

She thought she was rebelling against me by putting on all the
weight that we lost.

Little did she know that she has what many people gave when it
comes to weight — a psychological block.

I told her, you sabotaged yourself. In your mind, you see yourself
as big. You see yourself as overweight. When you began to move from
the categorization of being fat and/or overweight, you panicked
because you don’t know how to be that person.

See, the success and pressure to maintain that is scary. It’s
hard. And quite honestly it not how you see yourself.

I told her, when you say “I’ve been big all my life.
I’m just big boned” — you are literally sabotaging your
success and health.

Hell, I had one client who swore up and down that if she went from
170 to 145 that she was going to look like a “crackhead.”

Getting her to lose the pounds between the weight of 152 to 145
took 8 weeks!!!!

And it was all psychological. She just couldn’t do what she
knew she was supposed to because she couldn’t
“buy-in” to 145.

Now, at 145 she feels sexy, confident and enjoys walking around her
house scantily dressed.

But she had a block.

A hurdle that was tough to jump over. She knew from the beginning
that she needed help and coaching to help her get to where she
was but she began to reject the help when she felt like she knew
what to do.  She got stuck and kept asking me,  “Why isn’t the
weight coming off?”

My reply, “Well, because you are a fantastic educational professional
and you do a wonderful job at that, but you don’t do this well and that’s
why you hired me. So you can continue to pay me and not listen or pay
me and listen. I think it you listen and comply, things will work better for

We hit 145 in no time  🙂

Here’s The Deal …..

Every year I take on some personal clients that have extreme needs
when it comes to weight loss coaching. I do t take on many because
the process is so brutal and emotionally taxing. And quite honestly
it is a process that involves many levels of transparency. But
there is that group of people out there who just want to lose a
cool 10, 15, or 20 pounds and all they need is a good program and
the right information.

If that’s you, the check out the program that will get you
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That’s the program that I use when I want to lose. It’s NOT
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Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
2004 Olympian