I can tell you right now with a great level of certainty that I am here right now and able to type this email to you because I have a great support system and friends who have helped me get where I am today.

Many of you know that I attended Howard University for my undergraduate degree and that I played football, wrestled and ran track when I was in college. What you may not know is that most of my best friends were gained during my years at University. These are friends that have been with me for over 20 years. They’ve watch me grow, seen the growth of my children. They’ve been there through my marriage. They have given me advice and they’ve watched me succeed, fail and succeed again. They were there when I went to the Olympics and when I came back home and only made $8500 for the year.

They loved me through all of it. If you have any friends like that or if you are a friend like that to someone, then today, I just want to say thank your being you and I want to say thank you to my friends that have supported me.

In this gratitude exercise it is important to not only be grateful but to also be thankful.

My gift for today

For these 7 days of gratitude, I’m going to give something away each day. Today I am giving you my free lasso guard and spider guard tips and hacks. So if you do judo or brazilian jiujitsu, you’re going to love this.

—> Admittedly, the spider guard and lasso guard are not my “go-to” games but they are now games that I can utilize because I took the time to do the drills in order to be able to develop the skill and now you can too. Here’s the information to your free Video course:
FREE VIDEO COURSE –> https://drrhadiferguson.lpages.co/spider-guard-and-lasso-g…/

See you tomorrow and remember….

I love you but God loves you best.