When I was younger I was horrible at coloring.

I remember some of the girls in grade school who used to make some of the best pictures when they were coloring. They would trace the image first and then color in the lines and then choose the right colors and their coloring book drawings used to look immaculate.

Mine used looked like 3 day old dog shit that I smeared on a piece of paper. LOL!

I never used the right colors.

I never traced the lines.

I never stayed inside the lines and I was just horrible at it.

Until…… my second grade teacher Ms. Wilkes told me that, learning how to color and stay inside the lines is important because it shows people that you know how to be disciplined. I remember her talking to me in such a loving tone and then saying at the end, “Now come on Rhadi. You gotta tighten up.”

And today, as I remember Ms. Wilkes and share this story with you I want to tell you this. There are some things today that are “outside of the lines” in your life. Some things that you are just doing haphazardly and just throwing sh*t on. There are some things that are out of order and quite honestly….. YOU need to “tighten up.” And you know I’m telling you the truth. And the reason why I know this is because I deal with the same issues.

That laundry that’s still on the couch… you need to tighten that up.

That book that still isn’t written…. you need to tighten that up.

Those 10 to 20 lbs that you still ain’t lose yet… .you need to tighten that up.

Those Thank You cards that you haven’t sent out yet….you need to tighten that up.

That relationship that you haven’t repaired yet….. you need to tighten that up.

Your prayer life…. you need to tighten that up.


So on day 9 of my gratitude exercise I am thankful Mrs. Wilkes and the understanding of the “tighten up.”

What I would like for you to do is identify one thing…. JUST ONE thing that you know that you need to tighten up and then ask yourself, if you are willing to tighten it up. And be thankful for the ability to tighten things up in your life and for the teachers in your life that have helped you along the way.

Tighten Up.

Take care and have a Super Fantastic Day,


P.S. Check out this video 🙂 and “Tighten Up”