Ive been in and around sports for my whole life. I’ve done them at the highest level and have coached them at the highest level. I have also coached and taughtat the lower levels as well. And I must say that both levels require a level of exception teaching and coaching to deal with the exception students at the differing levels.

I did not just wake up one morning and become a good coach. It doesn’t happen like that.  I have failed miserably at times. Ihave my weaknesses that I’m constantly trying to work on and I still need coaching and mentoring to this day in order to make improvements.

One game that I enjoy reading about and studying but do NOT like playing and watching is golf.  I think its just fascinating. And when coupled with games and sports like chess, boxing, judo, wrestling and poker…. it gets very interesting.

One of the most fascinating areas of the game of golf is that of the caddies.  There are so many golf clubs in a bag. So many options per each hole. here are attitudinal and emotional swings that a player goes through.

There’s the weather, the terrain, the emotional heightening of the event, injury knowledge, weaknesses and the belief….and that caddie has to be in tune with all of this while providing the expert with the right tool for the job.

This is fascinating because in most cases in life, people are taught  silly axioms like “don’t listen to someone who has never done it” or “don’t take financial advice with someone who doesn’t have more money than you” or “don’t take any parenting advice from someone with no kids” or “don’t go to a male ob/gyn because he doesn’t know a woman’s body like a woman.”

Look…. all these sayings sound great…. the problem is…. they are no accurate.  And the caddies in your life let you know that.  And so does the caddying profession in golf.

The golf caddy is not a world class golfer and can’t play as well as the person who trusts him. Nor can he hit the ball as well.  But they give great advice and the professional is smart enough to listen.

The caddy is in tune with the professional. And in my life

I have some great caddies, THAT I PAY!!!!!  Because caddies are NOT friends although they can be friendly.

Caddying is a profession.

It’s a job. And there are NO WORLD CLASS GOLFERS who golf without a caddy.

For those of you who do not have a caddy in your life…. get one. Hire a professional mentor or coach.  If you have never hired one before…. trust me when I tell you, it will change your perspective on life and your life. And if you think you don’t need one…. well you have a few already. You just call them your doctor, your dentist, your cardiologist, etc.,.

They are your caddies in those areas. But what if you used a caddy in other areas. One that let you know if you needed a wood or a 3 iron.  A 9 iron or a pitching wedge.  Or one that let you know that you need to drink more water and grab a bite because you haven’t eaten in a few holes.

Everyone needs a caddy when a higher level of success is the goal.

I’m thankful that I recognized this early and I’m thanking for the ones that I have not.

And for the record…..  never ever think that having a “caddy” is a weakness. The best in the world have “caddies.”  Your caddy may just be called your “therapist” and trust me when I tell you…. that’s okay too because getting a little help selecting the right club is necessary for making the right shot. And having a caddy in the realm of excellence is…..”par for the course.”


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