I was at the dojo the other day finishing up practice for my homeschoolers. I have a program where those who homeschool come in the middle of the day to fulfill their physical education requirement and also to learn martial arts without being streamlined in with the students for which they have “chosen” to remove themselves from per their choice of homeschooling.

So, I have this class. (And for the record, they are EXCEPTIONAL and have gone to my regular class and “mauled” all of my students except for my “superstars.”)

And after the class I decided to go grab a cup of coffee and then sit in my car for about 20-30 minutes and answer some emails.

After getting my coffee I drove around the parking lot in order to find a spot where there was some shade so that I would not be sitting in a blistering hot car. Because in south florida, you can have the air conditioner on but be in the heat and your face can be cool but your arm from the sun, can be on fire! LOL

So, I was looking for a spot in the shade and I was driving around and couldn’t find one. Then I left the parking lot and went to another establishment nearby to find a shaded parking spot. After looking for about 10 minutes I finally found one. And it made me think about a few things.


Shaded Areas


In our lives, we have trees. Strong robust relationships or institutions who have been there for us.

Who we rely on and go to when we need a rest. Sometimes these “trees” are friends, a church, a group, a prayer closet, a dojo, a weight room, a road, a soca fete, a party or just a vacation.

Whatever the case, they are the are things that provide us with a little bit of “rest” from the “heat” of life so that we can go back out into the “heat” and continue to function.

And no matter how strong we are, we ALL MUST find a shaded area every once in a while in order to catch ourselves so that we can recuperate.


Shaded Areas vs. Home


A shaded area is different than “home.” We go “home” because we need to feel COMPLETELY safe. “Home” is where you can get naked and strip down to your bare self because you feel protected. A shaded area is NOT home but it does provide some comfort so that you can take a rest. It’s a refuge so that you can make it home. Think of it like a “hotel.”

I’m thankful and grateful for the “shade trees” (friends) and “shaded areas”(institutions) in my life.

And for those people and institutions who have placed themselves and rooted themselves in positions in my life to provide me with the respite that I needed.

Today, call a person who is a “shade tree” for you and let them know that they are. Because they may not know. And, if you’ve used a service that has provide you with some respite and a “shaded area” please consider writing them or making a small donation to them today.


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Take care and remember….

I love you but God loves you best.