This weekend was spectacular.

I was super tired and worn down from the week and just wanted to sit on the couch and catch myself. A friend of mine recommended that I go to a salsa dancing bootcamp and take my kids because it’s free and I’d have a good time.

I really wasn’t feeling it but I changed my attitude, got of the couch and took the 25 minute drive to the dance studio.

My daughter, Rhadi, loves to dance so she was excited. My son, is a very friendly and gregarious person so he’s cool with doing anything as long as there are people around for him to interact with.

And I love music, especially caribbean, african and brazilian genres. So, I’m figuring, this can be a win!

Well, we start the salsa class and things are going well. The music is hot, the teacher is very engaging and my children are having a great time.

Rhadi learns all the steps. Rufus is looking like a professional salsa dancer. And I’m just thankful for music, movement and my children.

It is kind of hard to put into words how awesome this salsa class was and I say that because when you get down to it, there aren’t many times when you take dancing lessons with your kids. I know this because it was my first one. I take martial arts classes with my kids all the time and I count those movement-based lessons as a blessing too but this was different. I didn’t have to teach. We were all learning together.

My dad always says, “Son, the money will come and go when you make it. So it’s okay to focus on making money but when it comes to your children focus on making memories.”

We made some great memories this weekend. And I’m so thankful that I have friends that give wise counsel, children that are open-minded to try new things, and the ability to create quality memories with my friends, family and children.

Check this out:

Rufus dancing salsa:

Rhadi learning the steps with Daddy:


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Take care and remember….

I love you but God loves you best.