If you are reading this right now… I mean, RIGHT NOW. Then that means that you still have time.

You still have time to say the things that you want to say to do the things that you want to do and to make amends if you need to make them.

You. Still. Have. Time.

And you should take the time right now to be THANKFUL and grateful of the time that you have by using is wisely. By spending it to improve your life or the lives of others. By doing something productive.

A lot of us, and I’m guilty of this too, waste time. We spend time watching series on Netflix. Scrolling through facebook videos. Watching pics and videos on instagram. Or just checking our phone and refrigerators 15 to 50 times a day.

Look, we can be way more productive. And I think today we need to be grateful that we have time and make a decision to use it a little bit better.



My gift for today


This video is hot off the presses and it’s the key to your ability to pull off osoto gari in competition and randori.


When I first started coaching Judo, I had two BIG Questions regarding osoto gari….. One was, “How in the world can I have my students understand the importance of space manipulation?”

And two…. “How can I stop kids from hacking at the back of another child’s leg with their heel?” LOL!!!

So, here’s what I’ve done.

I really want to make a bigger impact in Judo so I’ve created a video to help you teach osoto better and how to improve your osoto as well.

I DON’T COVER EVERYTHING so it’s not a long video. I just cover some super important key points and one phase of the throw. And no, there’s nothing for sale and this isn’t about money…. If it was about the money, I wouldn’t be giving this away. I will be honest though and say that I do want you to check out my Matwork Magic program after watching the Osoto video


See you tomorrow and remember….

I love you but God loves you best.