On this last day of my gratitude exercise I would like to thank you.

Yes, you.

I’m super thankful to all of you all who have read my emails, blog posts, watched my videos and purchased some of my products.
I’m also thankful to those of you who reached out and provided me with an email, phone call or a direct message to let me know that you are praying for me and my family.

Thank you. I am very appreciative.

It is you, who keeps me going.

You keep me writing books, producing quality content,  shooting videos, and utilizing my social media platforms to influence and change people in a positive manner.

I’ve really truly enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you these past few days and I can’t really tell you how much some of you made me feel when you have emailed me some of your feedback and how the gratitude challenge has helped you too.

I also hope that many of you have enjoyed some of the free gifts that I have shared over the past 21 days.

What I want to tell you today is this…..

Value the people around you.

Let them know that you value them.

And even if you feel devalued by them, let them know something about them that you value.  You may just be the accelerant that they need in order to share their inner feelings with you.

I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve seen people who refuse to “make the first move” on repairing a relationship or situation because they don’t feel like they should make the first move.  It’s got to be the most silliest thing ever.  Most things in life can be fixed and remedied with 3 things:

An open heart.
An open mind.
And a conversation.

But many people choose to harden their hearts, close off their minds and avoid conversation.

When these things happen, the worst possible outcomes occur in human interaction. And because I know this, I want to tell you that my heart is open to you and I’ve heard and called those of you that shared with me your darkest moments and how you were on the verge of ending it all.  My mind is open to new possibilities, options, relationships and communication styles.  And I appreciated communicating with you and I hope you also appreciated receiving the communication as well.

Because this is my last gratitude issuance in my exercise I just want to make sure that I tell you that I LOVE YOU.  I APPRECIATE YOU. And I THANK YOU.

Keep pushing. Keep pressing and no matter how bad things are for you……. to others, keep being a blessing.

And remember…. keep your heart open, no matter how bad it’s been damaged.  Keep your mind open to new possibilities. And keep conversing with those who you have issues with because the relationships can be prepared if the heart is not hardened.

As A Celebration for the
completion of the 21 days
of Gratitude Here’s What
I’d Like To Give You

“Thank You, I Appreciate You, I Love You, & I’m Looking Forward To Helping You! As A Conclusion To My Gratitude Exercise I Would Like To Give You Access To My Full Grip Fighting Library, All 3 Programs At a Massive 63% Discount FOR THE NEXT 36 Hours ONLY!”


Take care and remember, I love you but God loves you best.