I love music.

Just love it.

I listen to all of, except Death Metal. Josh Barnett introduced me to it one year and honestly I gave it a shot but I just couldn’t get with it.

But I do love music.

My favorite genres of music come out of the Caribbean. I love Soca, Zouk, Dancehall, Reggae, Ska, Salsa and Merengue. I also love R&B and Neo Soul music.

And the one thing that I love about music is that you can get lost in the music but not lose yourself. There are some things that you can get involved in and lose yourself but the music will stop eventually and where ever you were, you will still be there. It’s like a quality, inexpensive mini-vacation that you can take daily.

If you don’t know how to dance…. do yourself a favor and dance anyway.

I learned this dance exercise in the airport.

I was waiting for my plane at my gate and there was a young lady who was dancing her a*s off with her headphones on. I mean she was absolutely having a ball all by herself. And when she finished, I asked her, because I’m not shy, “What were you doing?” She said, “It’s my dance therapy. I dance for 2 to 3 minutes everyday.”

And I thought…. what a novel idea. As a matter of fact, I gave it to one of my clients yesterday.

And you can do it too….

No matter who you are, you should dance once a day. I don’t care if you are wheelchair and can only bop your head. You should do that. Move! Move your arms, your body, and get involved in a love relationship with yourself and life through music.

One of the beautiful things about music is that you are a music maker.

Yes, you.

You literally walk around with a metronome in your chest. It’s called your heart.

When you move, you already walk, run or stroll with a rhythm.

When you speak, talk or communicate… you do it with a cadence.

You are already making music. You just don’t know it. And you are already in the rhythm of life, you just need to learn how to take over and become an active participant and in some cases, a composer.

So today, become an active participant and start dancing.

And then start singing your own song and become a composer.

Because you don’t have to dance to the “beat” that’s playing. You can dance to your own beat……Hell, I do.

Make music.

And enjoy this one…. —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoVo9VRiiiM


Small Request & Tomorrow

Is The Last Day


I don’t have a phree gift today on the 19th day of my gratitude exercise but I do have a request.

Please visit www.CoffeeWithRhadi.com and invest in one of my paperback, kindle or audiobooks today. That way when this gratitude exercise is over, I can stay in *touch* with you.

Thank you and remember, tomorrow is the last day of my 21 days of gratitude. I hope you have enjoyed.

See you tomorrow and remember…. I love you but God loves you best.