I love the game of chess.

I wish I had more time to play.

As a matter of fact, I’m playing now with the kids in my summer camp. See –> https://www.instagram.com/p/By52orWJR2m

Chess allows you to understand strategy, movement, patience, inside control, emotional regulation and understanding that every game contains the elements of an opening and a closing. You understanding flanking, attacking, retreating and that the most important piece on the board is not the King or the Queen, but the pawn. And it’s appropriate utilization can, will and does change the game.

In boxing “the pawn” is the Jab.

In judo “the pawn” is the grip fighting game.

In swimming “the pawn” are the stroke mechanics.

In wrestling “the pawn” is good stance and head positioning.

Most situations can be applied to the game of chess.

This is why I have made sure that both of my children play and that they join the chess clubs at their school.

It’s because I want them to learn how to be good strategists.

My dad taught me how to play (he also taught me how to play craps LOL!)

Chess is the ultimate combat game.

In chess you can understand life and you can get a greater sense of the ancient scriptures when they reference the increase of ones strength within ones weakness. And when they speak to “the least of these.”

If you don’t play chess, please understand that you are ALREADY playing chess. You just are playing it, poorly. Life is a chess match. And the sooner you “learn” how to play, the better off you will be. The pieces on the board are to be moved, manipulated, placed and utilized in a way that protects what you deem and think to be the most important thing in your life.

Everybody has a “King.” For some people it’s money. For others, it’s time. For many it’s family. But every person and every situation has a “King” that is being protected. In sport, many times its the “mind” of the athlete or the best player in the environment. Whatever the case, once you identify the “King” you can then assess the board. Many players with all the pieces mistake the pieces with power. Not understanding that knowing how to move on the board is the most important thing.

We’ve seen this in the military science mirrored game of football. You can have some very skilled players on the field but without a quality Head Coach, the ability to win is very slim. And we’ve also seen the special teams players (the pawns) have a huge impact. Especially in big time games.

When I used to live at the Olympic Training Center, we used to love to play chess as the time drew nearer to the Olympic Trials. We’d play in the cafeteria all the time. And it was always intense. I used to love to play with “black.”


Well, the black side starts out behind and is usually behind in tempo and has to do something in the game in order to gain the tempo. This gave me a lot of deliberate practice from fighting from behind when somebody got, what is called, “first movers advantage” on me. It allowed me to get more practice time, off the mat, in terms of being in a bad spot. So much so that I began to get comfortable being in a bad spots because I’ve won so many times from behind.

Chess, gives you this practice. It allows you to sit down and think your way through situations in order to come out with a favorable outcome.

In many of my books, videos and electronic issuance, I’ve spoken about the game of chess. One of my clients out of Mississippi took to heart what I said and had all of his children learn the game. His son ended up being a multiple time Junior National Champion in the sport of Judo and he attributed much of his cognitive development in the martial sciences to his understanding of chess.

With that being said, and without writing a whole dissertation on the benefits of chess, I just want to tell you that I am EXTREMELY thankful that I understand the game and that my father taught me how to play it at a young age. As a father now myself who also plays the game with his children, I can see how tired my dad was when he wanted to teach me and get me to play. I recognize it now. And I understand that after hours of work at the job that he wanted nothing more than to relax, chill, spend time with his wife and hold the remote control and change the channels. But, he was committed to teaching me a game that helped me with the game of life.

And for that…… I am grateful.

If you don’t play chess…. start today.

If you children don’t play…. get them playing.. TODAY!!!!


My Request For Today


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Thank you.

See you tomorrow and remember…. I love you but God loves you best.