I wear glasses. Sometimes contacts but… mostly glasses.

Now… I have two pair. One that I wear and the other that I keep on my head or on my shirt so that I can read stuff up close. It’s quite an irritating process but when you get older, you have but a few options. I exercise the 2 pair of glasses option.

I am thankful for glasses because they allow me to see.

When I take them off, I can’t see so well, but when I have them on…. my vision is clearer.

Glasses are but a housing for lenses. The lens that we choose to view the world through creates and shapes our vision. There are many lenses that you can choose to view life through.

I’ve worn several of them and you probably have too.

I’ve worn lenses which have allowed me to have a very myopic focus at times. This view has been SUPER helpful to me, in terms of getting high level sh*t done.

I’ve worn lenses for farsightedness so that I can have a long term approach when looking at a phenomenon and not a short term one.

I’ve used magnifying glasses and a microscope before so that I can look at a thing and see it for more than what it is on the surface.

And I’ve used binoculars so that I can look at a thing from a distance and get a quality macroscopic view of the situation.

And I’m so thankful for glasses…. for lenses…. and for different views.

Because if there’s one thing that I’ve really learned it’s that many people can look at the same thing but with a different set of lenses and not see ANYTHING the same. And life affords you the opportunity to choose a different set of glasses for different situations.

You actually get to choose the “pair” that you wear or use to look at YOUR thing. Just imagine if you were sitting in a football stadium and you had a pair of binoculars but the person sitting next to you was looking at the game through a magnifying glass. You could both be in the same place…… “viewing” the same thing but not seeing anything the same way. And that is why I am so thankful for the “glasses” of life. Because, when you take off one pair and put on another pair, something that was bad can look good. And something that was good can look bad. And something that was pretty can look ugly. And something that was perfect can look awry. Or….. you can just get a better view of the things around you.

So be thankful for “glasses” and never, ever, ever…. sit in a room with people who all wear the same kinds of “glasses” as you. Because you all will be able to see everything… that you can see……. but also see NOTHING that everybody else sees.

So take the time to be thankful for glasses and for those who wear different ones than you.


My gift for today


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How To Become An Olympic Or Elite Level Judo Player


See you tomorrow and remember…. I love you but God loves you best.