Being a father is my highest calling and one that I don’t take lightly.

It is an experience and an honor. I thank God for allowing my dad, Rufus Ferguson, to serve as an exemplar in this space and I am grateful to be able to celebrate with him today. I am also thankful of my own two children Rufus and Rhadi.

They both make life very fulfilling.

Being a dad is tough.

It requires a delicate balance of pushing and pulling as well as understanding when the love needs to be “tough” and when it doesn’t need to be. Good fathering and parenting isn’t always pleasing, per the optics, but the end result is most important. And that is for children to KNOW that they are loved and supported and when they are with Daddy, they feel safe.

And as you get older, your dad should feel safer around you too as you did with respect to him when you were younger.

To those who are fathers I hope that you had a Happy Fathers Day. To those who aren’t, but step up to the plate, thank you and we honor you too.


My Dad


My dad is what we call a “throwback” parent.

I was reared in a time where spankings were okay. Church was every Sunday. You wore a suit to church or some slacks and a nice shirt, not flip flops and shorts.

My dad taught me how to take a shower. He took me fishing and couldn’t fish a lick. But I didn’t know that until I got older. LOL. He taught me how to play golf. He taught me how to invest in the stock market. He taught me how to catch a football and how to look the ball “all the way in.” He taught me the importance of keeping my shoes shined and why opening the door for my mother and pulling out her chair before she sat down was important.

He also taught me about staying power. How to hang in there when things get bad and not to cut and run just because things get tight. He taught me how to be a man. And for that…. I am thankful.

As I raise my son, my goal is to be a better father to him than mine is to me. That’s a hard task…. hell, herculean when you get down to it but that’s the goal.


My gift for today


I’m not sure if you are aware but I have taught over 7,000 students on an online platform called Udemy. On that platform I have many FREE courses.

The one that I want to bring your attention is The Judo Manifesto.  Please enjoy.

The Judo Manifesto.

See you tomorrow and remember…. I love you but God loves you best.