If you’ve never competed you don’t FULLY understand stepping on the line. (And there are levels to “line stepping.”)

There is something that gets developed and built when you step on the line.

Most people who live a life of not stepping the line don’t understand what stepping on the line is like. And thus they are more apt to talk sh*t, to send “tough texts” and to exhibit passive aggressive behavior.

Because they have not stepped on the line and looked another person in the eyes to examine the window of their soul only to find out that there isn’t one present.

They haven’t lined up in front of someone with thousands of people watching and examined their heart rate and found out that it wasn’t even above 70 beats per minute because THAT is THEIR normal.

Stepping on the line is not MANDATORY, but personally, I believe that it is.

You can step on the line in tennis…. and you can step on the line in football.

You can step on the line in wrestling and you can step on the line in track (athletics).

Their are many ways to step on the line.

And you should examine many of them and find out which one works best for you.

I am THANKFUL for what I have developed from stepping on the line. It allows me to relax in the face of adversity. It allows me to function in places and spaces that people find as tumultuous. And it allows me to understand the value of being in a “bad spot” to appreciate the “good ones.”

And the ONE THING that I want to make sure that my children have is the ability to develop these skills.

Because WHEN YOU SIT ACROSS THE TABLE FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS STEPPED ON THE LINE FOR A LIVING OR A CAREER, the view is very different. I love watching my son interact with other kids and seeing the relationship dynamics and the confidence that he has as someone who steps on the line. I would love for him to carry this into the operating room, boardrooms, meetings, and interviews.

Today I am thankful and grateful for my parents making sure that I experienced the anxiety and discomfort of stepping on the line…. and NOT ALLOWING me to quit. So that I could be comfortable with discomfort.



My gift for today


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*See* you tomorrow and remember….

I love you but God loves you best.