I’m not Catholic, but I’m not going to let that minor issue stop me, I’m gonna confess anyway.

So, here it goes.

(deep breath, followed by and uncomfortable gulp) :-/


That’s right. I’m a Junkie.

I’m an addict and I have been one for years now. During Memorial Day this past May, I backslid HARD!

So much so that the scale read 251!!! (The highest I’ve ever been is 254……. i know, it’s shameful)

For those of you that did not know, I’m a food JUNKIE!! 🙂

Thats right. I’m a hard core addict and I KNOW I have a problem.

So what do I do?


If You Are An Addict

The First Step Is…


Well, first and foremost, the first thing that you must do as an addict is recognize and ADMIT that you have a problem. Some people have a problem with smoking, some are addicted to food, some are addicted to sex, some can’t stop drinking. I have two major addictions.

One is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the other is Barbecue ribs. I’ve been able to “kick” the Krispy Kreme habit (and then it kicks me right back) but the “BBQ” is something that I’m still dealing with.

So the first thing that I had to do is admit.

The SECOND THING and the most important thing that I have to do is to make sure that I make all of my “I know I have a problem and I’m an addict meetings”.

So because I know that Fathers Day weekend Is coming up and i am going to be tempted by buffets and dinners, I getting up early NOW and going to “my morning meetings” in my garage with my cardio machines.

And the third thing is to get some help. And that’s just what I’m offering to you with my new free 12 Step Program called “The Flashlight Coaching Program.”



The Importance

of Going To Your



I know that I have a problem so, I make sure to go to “my meetings”. This morning my meeting consisted of a 45 minute cardio session followed by some sit-ups and a few of the exercises found in my free program The Body Weight Workout” –> http://www.TheBodyWeightWorkout.com

Because I know I’m an addict, I going to make sure that I go to my “meetings” at least 4 times a week.

Sometimes my meetings consists of weights, dumbbells, bodyweight exercises, running, lifting or just some stretching, but whatever the case, I go to my meetings.

If you would like to see what one of my meetings looks like then I would recommend that you go here –> http://www.TheBodyWeightWorkout.com

And if you need help like most of us do, please visit www.FlashlightCoachingProgram.com

You may discover that the more that you “attend” your “meetings” the better off you will be, ONLY IF YOU ADMIT that you have a problem.


Be Honest……..

You’re A Junkie



Hey, If you’re really honest, you will have to confess that YOU ARE A JUNKIE TOO! Even though you may kicked a bad habit, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to “fight” the urge all the time. And for those who are challenged by their relapses, to you I say, “US JUNKIES HAVE GOT TO STICK TOGETHER!” So let’s get together soon so we can kick our habit in the arse and not let it kick us in ours. 🙂

Come on and lets kick all of our bad fitness habits by “attending the meetings” together!

Get up in the morning and make your “meetings.”

Dedicated to your improvement,


P.S. make your “meetings”