When I was growing up I used to like Alexander the Grapes.

It was a kind of candy that I used to buy from off the ice cream truck and from the “candy lady’s house.”

If you grew up in the south, then you know about the candy lady’s house. Nobody ever knew the name of the “candy lady” but we all went to her house to buy candy.

Well, there was a specific candy that I like and two other things. I like Alexander the Grapes as I said…. and I used to like Coconut Long Boys and coconut bar cookies. Most of my cousins used to get salt and vinegar potato chips and a hot sausage or a pickled egg. I liked what I liked.

Now the hard part about getting these things is that you had to have some money. And the way that we used to get money back in the day was riding around the neighborhood and knocking on people’s doors asking them if they had any bottles.

See, back in my day, you could return the soda bottles to the store and get 5 or 10 cent back for recycling the bottle. So we used to ride our bikes around and knock on people’s doors asking for bottles and we used to look for bottles in the trash.

Some of my friends used to cut grass or climb up people’s tamarind trees and then bag up the tamarinds and sell them on the side of the road.

The bottom line is that….. we used to hustle. I also used to get $2.00 every week if I completed all of my chores. But… that money never came with any rhythmic regularity LOL!! I got it, when my parents had it.

So I couldn’t bank on that.

When things aren’t going well for you, you have a few choices, you can sit down and talk and complain about your situation or…… you can increase your productivity and start hustling.

There’s nothing wrong with flexing your “hustle” muscle.

Look, you are great. You have greatness within you. You just need the little bit of adversity going on in your life right now in order to pull it out. The all time greats in sports are those who can muster up the strength to close and win when they are down and it looks like all hope is lost.

Those who can fight through the bad situations and get on their bikes and knock on a few doors to get some bottles are the ones who get to experience the “candy” that life’s got to offer.

You’ll be fine. Just remember, lesser people have done more with fewer resources than you have right now.

Go forth and…… HUSTLE!!


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See you tomorrow and remember….

I love you but God loves you best