Hi there-

Today was a tough day.

I planned on going fishing with my son. While driving to the charter boat location, my tire blew out. I called my roadside assistant service for help and called the charter boat company to let them know that i couldn’t make it and needed to reschedule.

My son was so excited to go fishing that seeing the disappointment on his face damn near broke me.

I was in an emotional valley.

Thinking back on my gratitude exercise I had to think of a way to be thankful because i felt lower than whale sh-t.

So I immediately jumped in the “now” and began to be thankful for exactly how and what I was feeling.

So I started to have gratitude for the valleys in my life. For there are peaks and valleys in life and I was experiencing yet another valley.


You Must Experience

The Valleys


There are mountain tops and low points.

And every person who has climbed the mountain of success, has slept in the valley of despair, the valley of desolation, and the valley of disappointment.

And the valley, although not enjoyable, is a place to rejoice. For it is in the valley where you will find out how tough you are.

It is in the valley where you will find out WHO you are.

And most importantly, it is in the valley where you will find out WHOSE YOU ARE.

This is why you have to love to labor and love the process. You have to love “doing the work.”

This is also why you cannot “get weary in your well doing” because the valley is the place where you actually learn how to access your weapons.

The valley is where you find your rod and your staff.

The valley is where you access comfort.

The valley actually has a location in it that has been specifically prepared for you. So don’t run or try to remove yourself from the valley.

Get comfortable but don’t relax. Sit down, eat, stay a while and understand that you will have to stay for a while, but don’t stop moving because in due season……. you will reach the mountain top.

So get what you have to get in the valley while constantly pressing on toward the mark of a the high calling.


Don’t Miss This


Every fighter, runner, musician, and weight lifter knows this.

Athletes, know this.

Athletes, purposely, make it their business to access “the valley” so that they can be comfortable in the physical and psychological trenches.

They also do it so that they can develop the toughness that is necessary for the next mountain top experience. As a student, enjoy the valley.




As you go through life today, whenever you find things getting tough – keep grinding and be thankful for the valleys.

When you’re just working your way through the valley. If things get really tough, “find your rod and your staff” they’ll comfort you.

This is Dr. Ferguson.

Have a Super Fantastic Day!!

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD