I got up this morning to move around with my cousins and we started talking about how everybody has a Ministry on the inside of them that just has to come out because you have something to give and whenever you’re sitting down with another person speaking, you are actually having church service because 2 or more are gathered. So, there’s something that happens spiritually through the connection because two are better than one because they have good reward for their labor, but you have to make sure that the labor you’re doing is actually a good labor.

Here’s what’s important!…  A lot of people have what we call the R. Kelly conundrum. I really enjoy R. Kelly, not necessarily his behavior or his music, but I enjoy his story just like I enjoy David’s or Paul’s story in the Bible. David was a man who was after God’s Own Heart.

R Kelly

Now We all get influenced and form our opinions because of the internet. We have video clips and memes and news stories and we are fed certain things and we often have stopped ourselves from saying something because we have this culture of silencing where people don’t feel comfortable saying what it is that they need to say.

I tell you right now I enjoy the anthology of music that was provided by R. Kelly just like some people enjoy the anthology of music that’s been provided by Prince from a time when he was highly sexual and ratchet to his later years when Prince didn’t  even curse anyone. So, you have an opportunity to watch the anthology of people’s movements, but a lot of people get caught up on 1 or 2 behaviors they don’t understand that the thing that you can learn by looking at people are exemplars in life, now just showing you what they do well but also the things they don’t do well.

So when you think about David and what David did, he put a husband in the front line to get killed so he could marry his wife.

He wanted to be with her, so he basically murdered somebody to be with someone.

David was a man after God’s Own Heart but David had his element of ratchetness that combined with righteousness.

Nobody comes to the throne spotless, none of us! 

We all come from what I call the R Kelly conundrum, we believe that we can fly but we still want to feel on your booty.

We want to step in the name of Love and we understand that Heaven has to provide us with a hug, but when we see somebody sometime, they just remind you of your Jeep that you just want to ride.

You have to understand that the thing inside you that speaks to yourself and pulls or pushes you through and to a place on are the things that are magnetized into your flesh and you have flesh you make mistakes inject yourself with emotional steroids and get on Twitter and Facebook and text people and send out YouTube videos.

Just remember that you can be as righteous as you want to be but you also have a part of raggedness to you.


“You are Raggedy in your righteousness”

You have to make sure that you’re not so quick to point the finger at other people because you also make mistakes. So, before you get on and passe along a meme or a push towards an agenda, think about what you write about yourself on my page.

Go back to the garden of Eden even if you don’t believe it there’s a lesson for you.
When Adam and Eve realized they were naked they were ashamed. They have always been naked but the realization makes them see.

You are also walking around in your nakedness you’re already naked, but you become ashamed after you do something bad. Because you don’t want to be exposed.

None of us want to be exposed so if you don’t want to be exposed stop exposing people.

But some people need to be exposed right? Yes, some people need to be exposed but not by you.

Before you go exposing people you need to ask yourself if you would want somebody to take one of your darkest secrets, one of the things that you are ashamed about and don’t want anyone to know.



The Golden rule here is superseded by the Platinum rule.

The Golden Rule ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

The Platinum rule is ‘Do unto others as they want done to them.’

Understand that when you purport yourself out to be righteous, out there there is someone out there that sees you as raggedy.

“You are raggedy in your righteousness”

You can’t always be right, that doesn’t make you wrong, like Keith Sweat says

“There is a right and a wrong way to love somebody”

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