Let me tell you a story, my parents once gave me a directive, they told me not to bring the Rubik’s Cube to school and if I had obeyed those instructions, everything that happened after that may not have occurred and there’s something to be said about obedience and what I want to talk to you about here.

A lot of people don’t like the word obedience because they don’t like the word obey, but the key is that you have to obey something or you have to obey somebody, When we obey the laws of gravity. We don’t defy them and we can’t defy them.

Everything that goes up sooner or later is going to come down.

I can tell you right now that when I have obeyed, when I received the directive from my superior or someone who was in charge of a thing or championed A program, things worked a lot better.

It’s okay to offer up some advice as a contrarian. It’s okay to adopt some contrarianism every once in a while. it’s okay to be the antithesis to someone so that you can reach synthesis. Those things are okay, but you still have to obey now.

If we remove the word obey because a lot of people don’t like the word obey, there’s no way you can obey without Discipline.

I tell people this all the time you cannot be disciplined unless you are a disciple,
Now how do you become a disciple?

Well, a disciple becomes disciplined because the disciple is pursuing the truth. So, when it comes to sport. What is the truth about sport?

The truth about sport is if you don’t work hard and if you don’t study you are not going to win.

That’s the truth so become a. About the truth and to become disciplined in working hard and in studying.

Let’s talk about academics, if you don’t work hard and if you are not you are not going to succeed in academia.

Become a disciple on studying hard and then become disciplined in academia.

If you are thinking of writing a dissertation, you are not going to finish your dissertation If you do not write, so become a disciple about writing, study writing, study APA format, MLA format, whatever you have to study and then become disciplined in writing.

You are not going to have good relationships If you don’t tell the truth and are not honest with your partner.

Become a disciple in telling the truth, become a disciple in honesty and then become disciplined in that, become a disciple in conversation.

When it comes To the sports that I like, you are not going to be a great judo player without quality grip fighting and without doing the repetitions.

Become a disciple in grip fighting, become a disciple about doing reps, understand deliberate practice and then become disciplined in those areas.

You have to obey the laws of success.

Become a disciple about success and to become disciplined in doing the things that are going to allow you to be successful.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Just like it comes out of the Bible where it’s easy to obey than to disobey and then have to offer up some type of sacrifice later.

It just takes more time. Like when you sit down and you try to fix something in your house by yourself and you mess it up and then you gotta eventually call a handyman.

You knew you couldn’t fix that situation and it took you More time trying to do it yourself and you couldn’t, while you could just get somebody who is professionally obligated to just do it, but now you’re end up paying twice.

You’re end up paying with your labor and your time and you end up paying for their labor and their time.

If someone gives you some good advice, heed the good advice.

If someone gives you a commandment heed the commandment.

If someone gives you a directive heed the directive, it’s better than sacrifice.

It’s like if a coach tells you to do something in a match, do it If your business.

I know that I know people don’t like the word obey. I don’t like it either, but I need to obey too. I have coaches when my coaches tell me something I’II obey well, I try to obey Sometimes I’m disobedient too, and you know what it takes me more time!
I understand that obedience will be better than sacrifice. So, learn how to obey. It’ll save you time. Be disciplined and understand that you can’t be disciplined unless you are a disciple.

So that’s what you have to take away from today.

obedience, discipline, and being a disciple.

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