Listen, I also coach at the elite level, but I’m a grassroots judo coach too.


Let me let me explain something to you.


If you’re running a race, let’s say you’re running the 400 meters and you’re in lane four, when you come around the corner, you can’t be running in lane six because that’s a lane violation and you mess up the race, people fall down and get hurt and you get disqualified. So, you have to stay in your lane.


When you’re operating in the lane you need to stay in your lane.


When that race is over, you can do your job differently and switch lanes based upon your performance of your job.

But if you’re in lane two, you can’t hop into lane, five and lane six just because you feel like you should be in lane, five and six.


The people who are in lane, five and six have qualified to the rounds to belong in lanes, four five and six.


When you’re walking around talking like you belong in lanes, four five and six, but your performance has you in lane 1 to 7 and 8 for a reason.


Because you have not qualified to run in lane, four, five and six.


It’s okay because you’re in the race and we need people like you to fill out the lanes, but you have to know that you are not in lanes, four five and six and because you’re on the track, you have an opportunity to change your lane, but you do that by running.


Not by talking about the people that are in lanes, four five and six.

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