Today I’d like to talk to you about something that is important to me and It’s important in my life. If any of you know me, you know that I really love Superman.

I grew up watching Superman. I grew up watching Christopher Reeves be Superman when I was young. My dad used to take me to the movie theater off of 163rd Street in Miami, Florida, about 163rd Street Mall at the time when I was young, I couldn’t wait. To go, they used to hand out these flyers and passes for the movies when I was in elementary school and I couldn’t wait to grab one and take it home to my father so that he could take me to the new Superman movie that came out.

I actually enjoyed it. I loved it. I truly believe that we all have a superhero inside that needs to come out. I think that whether you’re a mom, a dad, a sister, a brother, a cousin, a coach or a teacher or an entrepreneur, I believe that there’s a superhero inside of you that you just need to pull out.

If you look at any of these superhero stories sometimes the thing that you need in your life is an adversary or adversity and if we begin to look at that adversity that comes in our lives as an opportunity to allow the superhero inside of us to grow instead of thinking that the world is going to come to the end.

I think that paradigm shift will actually help us become the people that we need to be.


That’s a secondary conversation on what I want to talk about today, I want to tell you this!

The difference between Batman and all the other superheroes is that Batman was actually a regular human being Batman’ super power was his intellect. His intellect and some people will say that it was his money. But I’ve seen people who have a lot of money who have done nothing and I see people who have no money who have done great things.


So it’s really not about his money. It’s about the willingness to invest. Batman’s one superpower was his Willingness to invest and number 2, his willingness to be on the defense all the time offensively. One of the things that allows Batman to be a formidable adversary to Superman is that Batman thought two and three steps ahead, he invested in the things that he knew could beat Superman.


He did the things defensively in an offensive fashion to be able to beat Superman. Now a lot of people say well, there’s no way in the world that Batman can beat Superman. I don’t think so either but, the bottom line is what do you believe you can win or not, you’re definitely not going to win if you don’t prepare.


The thing that Batman did was that The Batman always prepared. He invested, he was offensively defensive and number 3, this is the thing I want to tell you that you have to do in your life. He utilized the resources that were around him.

Many of you have resources around you. You have books, you have audio books. you have YouTube, you have mentorship programs, you have coaching Program, You have products that you can purchase. I tell my customers and clients all the time that you need to invest in some of the products that I have, he said. Well, I don’t want to spend any more money.


I have one client tell me, he said. Oh Doc… I’m really just concerned about having money come in and no money going out. Well. I mean that is a great strategy to stockpile cash and coins. But it’s not a great strategy for growth and development and your ability to stock power coins and cash depends on your ability to educate the masses.

The people who educate in their spaces are the people who own their spaces. If you’re teaching or coaching your ability to teach a coach is based upon your understanding or education in the realm of teaching learning and coaching. And if you want to do that better than you have to have quality knowledge to disseminate to your clientele, the only way to do that is to utilize the resources around you and yes, there are plenty of free resources.


I am telling you right now as someone who is personally in a vegan coaching program. am I going to be a vegan? I don’t know I’ve tried to do the vegan thing before. I didn’t work well failed. Three times got a vegan coach. Everything is running smoothly. man. I’m a coach. I do nutritional coaching and I do health and wellness coaching can’t coach myself.


It’s not possible.

Do I enjoy it right now?


Am I learning some things that I didn’t know?


In my mind. It was a protein powder that I used that I thought was the best on the market and there’s no other protein powder that can that can pack in this much protein with two scoops and it was fifty grams of protein for two scoops and I started using that protein powder because I just knew it was the best on the market.


I’ve taught nutrition and exercise science at the University of Tampa at University of Central Florida and I just believe that I knew and this woman turned me on to AA pea protein made out of peas.

That twenty-nine grams of protein per scoop!

I was floored…!


Not the protein that I thought was the best, i knocked it out of the market out the gate out of my mind. Even if I don’t choose to use the standard of life later on, I’m not giving up that pea protein. What I what I learned from making the investment was worth the money for my future clients and it was worth the money for the for the coaching program.

But I would never have known that if I would have relied on my own information.


My own knowledge and leaned on my own understanding.

1. Be prepared

2. Make sure that you are Offensively, defensive

3. Utilize your resources


Or utilize your resources without making the investments so make the investment today.
Believe that you are super and that you can be a superman or a superwoman. But live your life like you’re a Batman.

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