I want to tell you that on the on the second of May. This year, I’m having the second annual power of summit with my business partner and the cohost of the Summit coach, Arlo Henderson, this year’s Summit is going to be absolutely fantastic. This is our second annual summit, we had to have to take one year off was globally, we were dealing with a situation where a lot of persons couldn’t travel. And we were kind of we were hamstrung a little bit by what we could do and what we couldn’t.

Business kind of changed and morphed and people’s priorities were changing and morphing as well. So, we’re back on our feet and we were ready to allow you to get plugged in so you can power up and get your switchOn.

I’m also a co-owner of the company switch on with Coach Arlo Henderson and this is a second annual power of summit. You really need to be plugged in for this opportunity. It’s 8 hours of virtual online seminar, which is going to absolutely knock your socks off. Those individuals who get in early will also have the opportunity to upgrade for special time online with Coach all in the evening and myself in the morning for a special small group setting what you have coffee with Radhi.

If you have tea, you can have a tea, We’ll have a coffee with Rhadi session in the morning, before the summit starts and then after the summit is over, there be another small private session for those individuals who want to sit down and have a virtual cocktail session with Coach Henderson.

You could check the length to get in on the powerup summit through all my social media sites, or you could direct message me and I have my assistant get back with you. We’ll make sure you get in on our 100 seats available. You definitely want to get in and choose the VIP day if you have the opportunity.


This past weekend we had an opportunity in the sporting world of MMA to watch UFC 261. Now I’m going to speak about the event briefly. So, UFC is a mixed martial arts competition with some of the best mixed martial arts competitors in the world fighting. This weekend was really, really dynamic, because we have so many knockouts, knockouts and T kills. I think on the main card, that were three or four knockouts on the main card.

Now, why are these things important? Well, if you look at the knockouts that occurred at UFC 261 most of the people who lost were highly prepared, and they never saw the knockout coming. They never saw this type of finish happening. Now. Everybody knows in boxing; we all say it’s the punch that you don’t see that knocks You Out and that’s true.

There’s another level of understanding of this particular thing. I talked about the person you don’t see because you can prepare for combinations or somebody’s style and you still don’t see the punch. This was a situation where these people were not prepared for what happened to them. It was not due to a lack of overall preparation. They were hit with an element of surprise.

Now, why is this important? This is important because you’re in a rhythm you get up. You check your phone, you wash your face, you brush your teeth, you have a coffee you get in the car, you go to work, or you stop at Starbucks.

You have a routine that you follow over and over and over again, you have a routine, your routine that is set in stone so much that you become predictable to a lot of people and people probably like the fact that you are predictable. However, as we used to say in judo and wrestling, you need to keep one or two back pocket moves, that you practice in shadow on your own that your training partner never sees. Because you are going to need those for the trials.

You have to have a back pocket move, a move that I think people utilize, I think we would go to school, don’t tell anybody they’re in school, and send them the invitation for graduation, when we’re getting ready to graduate. They study at work, they study in a library, and never bring their books home and they study and they just go to school, and they get this stuff.

Now I’m not telling you to be sneaky. What I am telling you is use the element of surprise for something good. You also have the element of surprise where if you don’t really buy flowers, often you can buy flowers for somebody or buy a card or something that you don’t do normally use the element of surprise to put yourself in a better position like this UFC 261 I watched USMAN use the element of surprise against Jorge Masvidal. Because Jorge had prepared for a wrestling bout and Guzman came in as a pure striker for the event and didn’t even tried to wrestle.

Jorge Masvidal was just surprised. He figured that he knew what he was going to do. But it seems like nobody in Jorge Masvidal’s camp read the art of war. If you read the auto war, then you have to make the assumption of what the other person may do and you have to make an assumption with the other person will do based upon the element of surprise. These things are what Coach Greg Nelson, and coach Pat Barry understood, all the coaches in the space to place a good, they’re all good, they’re all great.

You got to put you got to put your chips down on something, you got to make a decision on something you only have so much time during the day, the chronological landscape is already set when you’re preparing for a fight and you have to make a decision of where you’re going to invest your time based upon your estimation of where I have the best opportunity and how I have the best opportunity to win.

I believe everybody did that, the event was great. However, if we go back to the ‘Art of war’. Preparation is one thing, but you need to understand the element of surprise, you need to act like you’re weak, where you’re strong and strong where you’re weak. You need to be able to flank need to be able to move differently than how you’re moving now.


There’s a way for you to win in life. But it’s not the way that you’re winning right now its not the way that you’re going right now. You’re going to have to make a shift in your thinking. And that’s a shift in your life and do things a little bit differently.  It’s going to be a surprise to you and it’s going to be a surprise so the people, but you’re going to have to move in such a way that’s going to have to be done with wisdom. Don’t make it covert. But do it with wisdom.

Because everybody’s not going to agree with you. Everybody’s not going to be behind you. I am not telling you to hide no phones. From your wife, or your husband to put into this, I can go start your own business without talking to them know, your wife or your husband or your partners. All right? Your life partners is your life partner, you talk to your life partner, but everybody else on the periphery that doesn’t need to know. They don’t need to know. And sometimes your kids don’t need to know.

Sometimes your uncle’s, your friends don’t need to know. Because those people, even when they ask you, Hey, man, how things go, how school how study is going, they’re really just asking you because they want to see when you’re going to fail, they’re not asking you to encourage you. Sometime you got to know how to encourage yourself and pray for yourself and you need to make some different moves. So that you can live differently. You can’t live differently; your life won’t be any different and to invoke the element of surprise, and you’ll surprise everybody else. Once you start surprising yourself.

You can do more than you thought you can do. You can be more than you thought. You just have to make a mental shift. How do you do that? It’s tough. And it’s almost impossible to do without coaching. The Bible speaks about a transformation that occurs from the mind being renewed. It also talks about seeking out the elements of the church. Now. You don’t have to go to a church, but the elders of the church. So, if you’re in management, there’s probably a good quality, quote unquote, management church that you will go to or people who preach management, people who know management well, that you can go through to get some management advice.

Sure, you can go get some life coaching advice and therapy is different than coaching. I believe in therapy. Because you don’t have to be broken to go to therapy. Therapy is for rehabbing things and sometimes rehabbing traumas. Coaching allows you to work through, push through and get through it.

There are times when you need coaching times, we need therapy and untangle, you need to utilize both modalities in order to get where you need to go. What I’m telling you right now, is to make this life shift, maybe will seek out some elders, some people who understand this particular thing a little bit better than you do, Some people don’t understand peak performance, optimum performance, doing things that are super, super high level and the best way to do that, I would do that for 100% free for the small shipment of $9.95 cent and I get the book The VIP life.

 Just go to www.theviplife.net and get that particular book and allow to walk you through how to not feel guilty for putting yourself first cuz that’s the first thing that you got to deal with, it is the guilt for wanting to be the best. Everything right now is in the social media places the buzzword now is narcissism.
Now it’s impossible for you to be the best in the world If you don’t think you’re better than everybody else! So, somebody ever asked you, “you think you’re better than everybody else?” Give the same answer that I give. “Of course, I think that I’m better than everybody else.” Why would I walk around this planet thinking that I’m not better than you are? That is absolutely ridiculous to me. Of course I’m better, in certain areas.

That’s the reason why you have valedictorian of a class there’s a reason why there’s a gold medal and a silver medal and there’s reason why the certificates and not certificates, there’s is reason why it is honorable discharge and dishonorable discharge, There’s a reason!

Because some people are better than others. It’s a fact. From all lives matter crew Yeah, all lives matter. Just all lives don’t matter the same. If you stand next to the President, United States, and something breaks out There’s going to be a group of people that are going to come grab him and shield him, and nobody’s going to shield you. It’s not because you’re not important, here is not important that those people, so don’t take it personally, you have a job to do. Your job is to take care of you, yourself, your family, your loved ones and you cannot do that without taking care of yourself.

There are a lot of people around I just expecting you to sit in the seat that you sit in, you don’t have to sit in that seat, you can change that seat, and change of station in life and you can do it today. If you want to make more if you want to be more, if you want to do more than just go to www.theviplife.net and do more today than you did yesterday. Doing more today will require you to click that particular button. Get that book. Start reading and Book your free coaching call. And that’s it.

#1 Thing today. invoke the element of surprise.

#2. Make sure that you register for the powerup summit. Check my social media links. If you don’t have any of that stuff, hit me with direct message.

#3. go to www.theviplife.net and get the book The VIP life today. And don’t feel guilty about about putting yourself first.

#4. Go get Coffee with Rhadi . It is a fantastic book, been out for a few years now. The book that I came up with after thinking about the conversation they had with my mom over coffee, take care.

I love you and tell somebody else today that you love them too.



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