In Today’s Edition of Coffee With Rhadi I wanted to talk about investing in yourself and doing the repetitions and leaving a legacy of excellence and I think I touched on all those pieces and a lot more during that particular time and I didn’t intend for it. But I ended up dropping what I didn’t think were a whole bunch of gems, but a lot of people thought so. I wanted to share with you today in this edition of Coffee with Rhadi.


I think I’m super blessed in that respect that I never had a day where I didn’t like my job or I wished I didn’t have to work today. I’ve never had a conversation with myself when it came to coming to the dojo and I love nothing more than coaching, teaching, watching students I have that ‘aha’ moment or doing what I did this weekend where I just came to the dojo cleaned up, worked out a bit, walked around, prayed in a facility and then I went on about my business but I never had that situation where I just did not want to be here.


I hope that parents and kids who come here feel that type of commitment I love that I have for being inside the place is absolutely fantastic.


So, for those people who train in judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or more time boxing, people on the mat I’m going to tell you something. No matter what you train, I’ve had the opportunity for some other people who don’t know my story. I’ve had the opportunity to win some black college national championships and football, Howard University have won four national championships in judo and two years I play second, I was placed third in the Pan American championships in judo, Second in the Pan Am’s in Purple belt men’s Jiu jitsu, Second in the world in Purple belt men’s Jiu jitsu, I went to the Olympics in 2004.


So, I had some quality experiences on the mat, some quality experiences in the sport and no matter how old you are or how young you are, there’s going to come a time where you can no longer do what you do now, as you did.


There’s going to come a time when you’re going to get older, you’re going to get slower, things in life are going to change, responsibilities are going to change. Sometimes sicknesses or injuries are going to happen and you’re not going to be able to get the time back that you have right now. All I can advise you is to maximize the moment.

I don’t have any regrets about my athletic career, I don’t go back and ever say that, I wish I could have done this or whatever. I did everything that I could at the time that I knew to do at the time, to the best of my ability and I’m thankful and grateful for everything that I’ve achieved.


But I think a lot of people don’t maximize the moment in life, they always think they can do some stuff tomorrow, or they can put off some stuff, and they’ll be the hell the next time and unfortunately that’s not how things work!


It’s anything that I learned through this past year, especially as we dealt with the Covid 19 pandemic, is that things don’t happen the way that you expect them to, or the way you wrote not on a piece of paper. They happen the way that God says they’re going to happen and time is constantly running out. You don’t have as much of it as you think you do and in the time that you do have, you should invest it at the best of your ability.


Doing the things that are going to yield you some positive results in life, and that are going to continue your legacy. I think people just believe that they can just do what they want, when they want how they want, because we all live in a local and global community together, we all got to do our part and the best thing that we can do, especially for children, and those people who are around us who need to be inspired, is to inspire them through hard work, dedication, and leaving them a legacy of success.


Leaving people to legacy success means that you teach them the value of hard work, sweat equity, and living in what I call a non-microwave society. You don’t get to pop in your work, and hit a button and then come out with a finished product two and a half minutes later because you get a popcorn button. That’s not how it works.


I think that in the process of the development of the conventional microwave oven, and the remote control and things like that lead people to think that things happen so fast, and they happen overnight like fast food. Fast food may taste good at the moment. But it doesn’t taste as good as a meal that’s been worked over and slaved over for a period of time, that they seasoned and have permeated the meat and the other vegetables and fruits have made the dish very rich.


Fast is good. It is… there a time when you got to do stuff fast, you got to fail fast. There are times when you got to understand that money is attracted to speed and you do need to move fast, you need to move expeditiously, So, fast is good and although you might have to work fast, just because you’re working fast doesn’t mean that things happen fast. You can work fast and have the things happen at a faster rate. But you can’t impregnate nine women and then have a baby in one month.


There’s a gestation period and a process for growth and development.  The beautiful thing about the dojo especially about Tampa, Florida Judo is people who come in here and they get to see the process of hard work the gestation period, how things are birthed, how legacies have been developed, how they get developed and then people can see, you know what, I thought I wanted to be excellent, but I don’t want to be excellent in this.

Which is fantastic and fine, but they know what excellence will yield because they’ve seen and been here and they know in order to be excellent at something that an enormous amount of work is required.


I like when people come in here because they can find out exactly what their gifts are, what their talents are and sometimes they lie within the facility, sometimes they lie within their own personal faculties and when they find their gifts, that gifts make room for them to be great in life. But you can’t find your gift if you don’t dig for to try to access it.


You got to put yourself in a position where you’re doing the work and trying to find and access your particular gifts. I don’t want to talk your head off this this afternoon, I don’t often get out here and get on my soapbox and talk. But just felt like I had a word to give to you all the day before practice and I hope that y’all have a fantastic evening.


For those of you who are going to practice. I hope you make a quality investment in practice, in terms of doing your best because you don’t have as much time as you think you do and the amount of time that you do have…


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