I want to talk to you about something that I learned when I was competing around the world. First and foremost, I’m going to say when you fight for the United States, you are fighting within, what we call the Pan American region, inside the pan America region there are a lot of countries from the Caribbean, Latin America, South America. So, you find yourself in a lot of Spanish speaking places and communities, which is really cool because you get to learn Spanish, but you also get to learn the phrases in other countries.


one of the things that you learn especially that’s a phrase that I learned when I was training with some people in Puerto Rico is ‘La trabaja vago doble’ When you’re training and you hear that, what they’re telling you is the work of the lazy, or the lazy person doubles, ‘La trabaja vago doble.’


When you’re training, and you get fatigued, and you are focusing on the fatigued, instead of focusing on being disciplined about the reps, and being disciplined about the technique, and being disciplined about the development, then what happens is, not only are you stapling down, incorrect technique, and stabling down poor habits but your laziness is going to double your work.

So, what most coaches try to do is they say, “That’s it, Jason did it wrong, everybody on the line, let’s do it again,” because they’re trying to help you understand that when you make poor decisions, because you’re focusing on the fatigue, you’re going to end up putting yourself in a worse situation.


If you just fight through that fatigue for that small period of time or fight through that discomfort for a small period of time, you can put yourself in a much better situation. So, if you don’t get anything else from the day, please understand this as ‘La trabaja vago doble’ the work of the lazy person doubles.


As you go through life and as you go through your day, and those of you who get on the mat, as you’re doing your reps and you’re practicing, focus on becoming disciplined. In order for you to be disciplined, you have to really engage in what we call discipleship. You cannot be a disciple unless you are disciplined, you have to become disciplined.


Doesn’t matter if you do Brazilian jujitsu or you do judo or you do Sambo, you are a disciple of the sport and when you practice and when you go out, and when you train them, and you talk about it, you proselytize about the sport, and more people want to do it because of what you do, because of what you say and because of how you present yourself.

The key element that you have to learn in the in the mat space on the tatami is how to live a life of discipline, how to fall in love with the reps, how to bathe yourself and boredom. And that understanding that those things will yield the fruit that you are looking forward to win in life.

You are going to win and lose a lot of randori sessions, you’re going to win and lose a lot of matches and you’re going to want to lose you’re going to win and lose a lot in life. But the things you have to focus on is I must stay disciplined to the task and ‘La trabaja vago doble’ the work of the lazy person doubles!


Don’t ever, ever, ever get yourself in the habit of becoming lazy. When this is Dr. Radhi Ferguson. I hope you have a great day. I’m getting ready to go outside and do my I walked before class, but I wanted to share that one thing with you. So, take care and remember, I love you, but God loves you best.

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