No matter what you doing this morning, if you’re getting ready to workout, if you just got your workout in, if you’re just having your coffee, have you a second cup of coffee, like me, or if you are up and getting the kids out of the house, and ready for school, or if you’re in a wonderful position that I’m in where you have to kind of urge them and help them get up and get to the computer, because they are doing class online. I just want to tell you, good morning, and I hope you have a great day.


Important thing I also want to tell you is that this week, is the last week to be able to sign up for the Power up Summit. I also co own a company called SwitchOn with Coach Arlo Henderson, and we’re having our second annual power up summit. This upcoming Sunday on May 2nd. It is all virtual, it’s all online. It’s all available for use, eight hours of absolutely exquisite coaching.


There is so much that we’re jamming into eight hours of a virtual seminar, we want to make sure that you have a wonderful experience online and that you not only get yourself plugged in with the right people, but that you also power up and you’re able to SwitchOn.


If you look at some of our social media sites. If you go to Or if you check me out at coffee with Rhadi on Facebook. Or if you check me out on Instagram, any of my social media sites on like Twitter and everywhere, you’ll see the links to the powerup summit.


If you don’t have any of those things, Hey, man, text me direct message me email me. I make sure that you get the link. If you are one of the unfortunate people who do not see it, we’ll have 100 seats available. So I want to make sure that you get in on the power up Summit and let’s get ready to go.


So, I want to really discuss with you the importance of your time. I had a situation last week where I was super frustrated, because I placed myself in a position where the people around me did not respect my time. When this happened to me, ‘Frustrated’ would be an understatement. I had five appointments last week where I stood up or the appointments will cancel.

One of them was with a company who had to repair my dishwasher. They repaired the dishwasher, then something broke on it and they had to come back out and they made an appointment with a two-hour window and they never showed up. Now when that happens, I gotta make arrangements, I gotta come home, I got to stop working to get this dish washer repaired after it was already fixed, then I had another appointment a lunch appointment at the Tampa Club. I’m on my way I’m calling the person tell them I’m on my way and they let me know that they cancel, not only that, they cancel but then they rescheduled and so they would meet me later at my martial arts facility at 5:30, but then they never showed up.

I had another appointment that I provided a window of 2pm to 9am to make that appointment that person and never texted, never called, never said anything and I had another appointment where someone booked another meeting at the Tampa club to sit down go over life goals and stuff like that.


They were somebody who needed some help with with childcare. So I said oh no problem and then they cancelled at the last minute after I had to maneuver my whole day around.


I don’t know if this has happened to you before where people have abused your time but it feels worse than when you misuse your time. Now, forgive me wrong. There are several times when I have misused my time and personally abused my time. But it’s very different when somebody else abuses your time.


I was so upset that I had to really do an internal check in and ask myself who was at fault here and at the end of the day, I’m not at fault. If it’s not my fault, it isn’t my responsibility. And it’s my responsibility to take care of my time and it’s my responsibility to make sure that other people understand the importance of my time and if I don’t do that, the only person that I can be upset with is me, not the other people.


If we look at Collins book, ‘Good to Great’. He speaks about the people who are successful, understanding that the issues that they’re dealing with are external, but internal, because external things you really cannot fix, but you can fix the internal ones, from an athletic standpoint, having a championship mindset requires for you to understand that the change has to begin with a man in the mirror.


I have a sign in my dojo by Marcus Aurelius that reads, if you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but your estimate of it and this, you have the power to revoke at any moment.


So, there’s no pain that has been provided by other people. None! and at its core, other people did not abuse my time. I have not set up situations, issues, parameters, and a certain conversational preamble to let people know exactly what my time is worth and how important that is to me.

I used to do this a while back and I haven’t been doing it and I have to get back on it immediately. One of the things that I did and when I’m in the process of rereading now, as a matter of fact, I was reading it last night, and I’m back on it again this morning. Is this called ‘No BS time management’ by Dan Kennedy. I think this is Dan Kennedy’s second or third iteration of no BS time management. And I really appreciate the updates because inside of it, it has updates for you know, digital devices and social media.

one of the most important things that I have going on in the day is you, my customers and my following. You all are important, my clients, you’re important. You’re the life source of my business, the things that I do, and you deserve a high level of importance. When I’m pulled in different directions, I can serve you as best as I can serve you and for me to work inside of the realm of optimum performance and peak productivity, I need to be in a space in place where I’m not a pulled by a lot of external variables and external things. So, I can tap into myself on an internal level so that I can pour out the best that I have available in terms of productivity and output.


So, I’m back on my grind. And, and I’m putting the phone down and creating windows of opportunity to know when I have to talk to people and when I have to schedule things in. And I’m not doing pop ups, and hey, I was just calling to catch you for a while, I got to just get some things in place. Now, I don’t know if you’ve had those particular challenges, or if you have those particular challenges, but if you do, I can tell you exactly how we address it. In my company switchOn, we have a book called The VIP life, you can find it at and the book is 100% free. If you’d like the book, you can get it. You just handle the shipping.


But in that particular text, we encourage people to understand the directions that are provided. When you’re on the airplane, in case of emergency when they say, “Make sure you put the mask on yourself first, before you help others and small children.” Because as you go, everybody else goes. You are a mom and a dad, when you’re parenting You have to be okay So that they are okay. That doesn’t mean that you hog up the resources at first. But that means that you need to make sure that the resources go to you first and for you for so they can go to everybody else.


Like we’re not paying for candy and ice cream before we put gas in my car. We are not going to Disney World before mommy does her next hair appointment and get a massage. Why? Because Mommy needs those particular things so that she can sustain herself for 8, 10, 15 hours in two days at Disney World.


We have to get at the point where you understand how important you are because if you devalue yourself, it’s very easy for other people to devalue you. So, as you’re going through the day today, I encourage you to number one1

sign up for the Power up Summit the second annual powerup Summit that is going to be done virtually and online. Check the social media sites and the resources. check me out on all my social media platforms and you’ll see the link for the powerup summit or you can hit me on a direct message and my assistant would definitely get back to you and make sure you have the link.


So now the seats are available. Make sure you increase the value of your time; I would highly suggest that you go to and make sure that you get the book ‘The VIP life’ and the book covers about how to not feel guilty for putting yourself first.

Do yourself a favor and grab the book. ‘No BS Time Management’ by Dan Kennedy and sit down there reclaim your time.

This is Dr. Ferguson, have a super fantastic day and as I always say…

I love you God loves you best.

Take care.

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