Today I want to share something with you first and foremost that I had to go over with a client recently and the client asked me

“well, What should I do about XY and Z”

I don’t want to talk about it in particular and I told her what she needed to do, and she says.

“Well, I don’t like doing that”

My reply was..

“If it doesn’t change what you do, it’s not going to change you”

I want to talk to you about that today.

If you go to the weight room and you’re always lifting the same weight over and over and over again, you’re always doing the same exercise over and over and over again over a period of time, no matter how hard you work, you will go to the process of d-training where you actually go back to your norm.

You’ll regress toward the mean you will not get any more benefits from the from the training process because you’re not changing what you do.

You have to change what you do. if you want to achieve more, then you might have to wake up a little bit earlier and that doesn’t even mean get less sleep.

That means wake up earlier so that you go to bed earlier.

So that you’re more disciplined in your approach, it’s the same 24 hours in a day, but now because you’ve got to sleep earlier, you’ve made your rest a priority and because you wake up a little bit earlier, you’ve made what you need to do in the beginning of the day a priority.

So you actually make yourself as we say in the in the SwitchOn movement, you make yourself the VIP of

your life.

You are important and the things that you have to do are important, so you do those things first and you’re

changing what you do and that is going to change you.

A lot of people in the professional and personal development space speak about this particular thing of being comfortable and you’ve heard it all the time in sports, that you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What I tell people is you have to actually bathe yourself in discomfort.

Which means the things that you don’t like you really have to do.

I was having a conversation with one of my clients in the. In my dojo, a quality athlete, she was international professional softball player, person by the name of Dana Nichols, and she told me that she wants to compete and she wants to fight and I said she asked me do you think I’ll be able to fight? I spoke. I don’t know if you’ll be able to fight or not,

she spoke. Why? I said well, what you need on the combat sports side is different than what you need on the softball side.
I say you’re a pitcher, you’re a quality leader. you take control of the situation.

But in combat sports, you have to get comfortable with being hurt. You gotta get comfortable with what people call abusive and for you that’s not abusive because it’s not outside the realm of use.

You have to work out not with the. With the end goal of being in shape, but you have to work out with the goal of creeping myself and moving into this environment where I feel really horrible and then sitting in that environment of torment to the point where it becomes your personal paradise…
When you can do that, then you can grab your opponent and you can take them out deep into the ocean and then tread water with them while they’re looking back at the shore and you’re only concerned with watching them die.

If you don’t have that particular training or if you don’t prepare yourself for that, then you’re never going to

be a good quality combat athlete.

You have to be willing to lose yourself in order to win.

You have to be able to change, if it doesn’t change you, then it did not change what you do.
Because in order to change you, you have to change what you do.

What Got you Here. Won’t get you there and if you keep doing what got you here? not only you won’t even be here? You’ll be removed from your here space.

So remember that it is important to positively change what you do.
If you’re interested in changing you.

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