There are some rough coaching moments in the preparation process for an athlete, especially when you move through different sports. I was in my dojo last week my daughter was training, getting ready for the tournament season in July, she was doing round after round after round and she began to get distressed. She got fatigue, she began crying and I’d be embarking more instructions and orders.

She was having a moment where she was just going through this breakdown moment and the people on the side were looking at me like I was the Antichrist.

The reason why they did that, they don’t understand that there is no breakthrough without a break down. So, you can’t have a breakthrough moment without having a break down moment.

When you’re coaching, you have to manufacture the break down moment, so that you can usher in the breakthrough moment. If you get caught up in looking at the break down moment, you miss what’s getting ready to come on the other side.

In life, we’ve all had this situation where we get so caught up in what’s going on currently with our breakdown, that we missed the opportunity for the breakthrough. So, the wonderful thing about the character, the Incredible Hulk and I love the DC and Marvel Universe, I like to watch flash, I like to watch x man, I like Batman and Superman. I enjoy all of the characters within those two universes, because each of those characters has a certain characteristic that they bring to the table, which makes them very unique. So really, there’s no two characters in each universe that are the same.

The one thing about the incredible Hulk, and for those of you who don’t know, the incredible hulk is kind of like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of phenomenon where a scientist by the name of Bruce Banner had some type of chemical experiment and imbalance and there’s a part of him that’s on the inside and turn away comes out and is able to smash and tear up everything.

Now, if we look at it from the Freudian psychological perspective, your incredible Hulk is actually your Id. Where you are at your gutter moments in terms of how you feel about sex and how you feel about killing and how you feel about hurting people and maiming people and that point where somebody cuts you off, and you get so mad that you can hop out of your car and take your pen and stab him in the neck and kill them. That first stop is your Id. Your incredible hulk is your id.

The Incredible Hulk is very different than Superman. Superman gets his job done and his is weakness is that he doesn’t want to hurt people. Batman will kill you with no problem in order to accomplish an objective. incredible Hulk is not worried or concerned about civilian Fallout when he does the things that he does. He just goes in and smashes. The incredible Hulk is your Id, Bruce banner and who he wants to be as a scientist and who he wants to present himself as, that’s is super ego and what you watch when you watch the incredible Hulk and you watch the cartoons and you watch him in the movies, you’re watching a battle of the ego Trying to create this balance between the Id and the super ego in the human form of a guy by the name of Bruce Banner, his presentation, he wants to be his super ego. But Bruce Banner himself is struggling between the Incredible Hulk and being who he really wants to be. In the end, he figures out how to balance being himself and being the Hulk. But he doesn’t get to do that without the hulk making his presence.


What I mean when I say that? If you’ve ever coached, or if you’ve ever trained. I am talking about the training that happens, you strip your person away and you get down to the lowest point where your incredible Hulk comes up.


If you ever have a child pinned down, it doesn’t happen in the first three minutes or five minutes.


Three minutes, seven minutes goes by 10 minutes, the child sais let me go Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. You got the kid’s hands folds up and they’re trying to bite you and kick you and then there’s this moment where you hear the child scream and grunt in Yale and make this a last-ditch effort to get out.


The incredible Hulk has lost before too. Because just because you access your incredible hulk doesn’t mean you’re going to win. But you need to find out what your Hulk is, how to access it, and how to properly use it to get out of certain situations. That point when a child can’t get out. And they begin to start accessing everything that they have in their person, because they can’t find another way or another opportunity. They’re biting and scratching and pouring and kicking and you just playing. That moment where they have that low guttural scream and yell and hollering grunt, where they try that last ditch effort to get out what your notice is…!

They are stronger than they ever were earlier in the fight. How do you actually get stronger later in the fight, when you’re already as tired as you thought you’re going to be?

It is because you’ve never accessed the total and complete part of yourself. When it comes to achievement. You cannot get to the point where you break through until you break down. Now here’s the difference. Putting yourself in a situation to be coached like that and having life happened to you and making it through are two different things.

One, you were put into the crucible, the other you put yourself into the crucible, different mindset, different mentality! Here’s the thing. Why do I need to access my incredible Hulk, Dr. Ferguson?

You may not need to, but what you do need to understand is that if you do have an incredible Hulk on the inside of you, you need to access it and let it out early, so that you can control and tame it. Because if it comes out on his own, you and everybody else around you, are going to be in trouble. See the major strength and the relationship with banner and the Hulk is not with what the hulk can do, the major strength is in later on in the process, banner understands how to keep the hulk in and not let him out and when to let the hulk out.

There’s much more control that is available when somebody can actually crush you, allows you to speak, allows you to voice your opinion, allows you to say the things that you want to say, allows you to have your voice and allows you to do the things that you believe that you’re doing on your own.

Training somebody to legitimately hurt, kill and maim somebody else with the understanding that you’re going to allow the ruleset to save them is very difficult to do. Everybody doesn’t have the stomach or the physiological biochemical makeup for it.


You go through life with a friction point of who you are at your core and who you Want to present yourself to the world as in the Battle of the ego to balance out this id in this super ego is rough for you, because you haven’t appropriately access to it.

Now, you can also access your ear by grabbing some crap and smoking it and going down to your lower self and this is why you need coaching. There’s a way to access your Id in another form or fashion in a healthy way, in a different type of environment. That’s why I like sports. Because sports, especially combat sports, will allow you to access parts of your Id and be in the healthiest way of fashion, for some access to the accessing of your ID is not going to be great for everybody. You just have to accept that if you want to understand what I’m talking about at its core.

There’s a book that I wrote called ‘Enhance or Destroy’ talking about relationship lessons from elite athletes, and you can get that at, it’s on Audible. But there’s another book by Tim Grover, the coach for Michael Jordan, called ‘Relentless’ and in that book, he really talks about every world class athlete or every elite level performer has a dark side and they let out pieces of their dark side in the environment of play, but they cultivate their dark side in practice.

As an athlete, you deal with the friction right now. And that’s the hard part about being in the corporate America or the corporate environment, is that you learn how to operate around your friction points and send emails and CC people and you don’t get on the phone and walk down the hallway and put your hand in somebody’s chest and lay man “who you think you’re talking to,” because that’s normally how stuff would happen. But things don’t happen like that. Because a lot of people have all these layers and buffers of protection that really don’t exist in the minds of people who are ready to maim you, beat you and kill you.


Here’s what I can tell you. The challenge that a lot of you are having in your life, in your lives today or listening is that you want to accomplish some great things and you know that you have greatness inside of you. You just believe that you can access his greatness on your own. You don’t understand that the greatness that you need to access doesn’t look like you. It doesn’t look like the you that you want to present. You’re going to have to go to a place and access part of that nobody can see it. So, you can get it and pull it out and then apply it to the rest of your life. There’s a client  who has Absolutely done some phenomenal things within SwitchOn coaching process and then switchOn coaching program. We had this my business partner coach Arlo and I had this approach to use with her like we do with some of our clients where somebody has to come in hot and somebody has to come out soft. Most of times I’m the person who comes in hot like super, super, super hot, too. Pushing to make you respond and respond to the to the ASR model, stimulus response, the pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, until you get to the point where either you want to quit, or you respond with portions of who and what you truly are. Because you can, you can be a man to cloth and preach every Sunday. If you walk outside, and you have no slippers on and you stub your toe, you will say something that’s not in their Bible. This is what I know. Because your id exists. If you want to accept the Christian theoretical framework as it is, God created man in his own image, man, except things that sometimes outside of the will of God,

This superhero power that allows Samson to pull the pillars down and kill everybody after him and dealing with Delila, came because he dealt with Delilah. The Super skills that David had in the Bible came because David was who David was.

There are parts of your person that are not meant for evil, but they are meant for good. You have to be coached the right way into those areas to access them, so you don’t go out of control with them. Because sometimes your best self or your best person is close to the cliff of not being your best self. You have to intelligently train yourself to that particular pinnacle of achievement, and then bring yourself back.

Here’s what I know. I have seen some cutthroat individuals in my life and I’ve even been humbled by cutthroat individuals that have performed. If you really if you were really convicted that you believe that you had to do it like this. And you did it like this and you want to walk away with the type of cash is the guy I respect I respect the game, because you gotta respect the game. Even if you don’t like the players.

The game is the game. You are a player in the game and you got to ask yourself how important winning is to you. Because the Incredible Hulk could damn near win everything and Bruce Banner can’t win everything. But Bruce Banner understood towards the end what winning meant for him.

The rough part is if you don’t choose to win now, you may not be in a position to win later. Read the book ‘Relentless’ by Tim Grover. Read the book ‘enhance will destroy’ your relationships by Dr. Ferguson. Go To is audible. It’d be absolutely phenomenal.

There are things in your life that you want access to, you’re going to have to access parts of your person in order to access those particular things. And you got to do it the right way. So that you don’t Hulk smash everything. That’s all I got for you. The friction points of who you are job at your deep, dark core, and how you desire to present yourself to the world as is a rough person’s point and navigate, you’ve been navigating that for the rest of your life. But you have to access parts of you in access parts of your super ego, to build your ego as you go through life with your ego is your presentation of, of yourself and who you are.

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